Slowly getting back at it

22 08 2011

”Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for and great enough to die for.”

– Dag Hammarskjöld –

Yes, I still walk around the gym dressed like Superman when no one sees me…

A1. Power Cleans, 5-5-5-5-5-5
61kg/5, 70/5, 79/5, 84/5, 89/5, 93kg/5 PB! (+4kg)
A2. HSPU with + Rom, Wave Training 2*7-5-3:
0cm/7, 10cm/5, 15cm/3, 10cm/7, 15cm/5, 30cm/3

B. HSPU Max Xtra Rom:
40cm/1, 50cm/F?, 50cm/F? *Can’t physically get down there, 1-2 cm lacking.

So what do we do when we are unhappy with a relationship not working out perfectly? I took it like any man would and drank my self to sleep for 3 consecutive days. Friday just one bottle of wine, Saturday closer to two, and yesterday there was some moron bringing a ”Paleo Tequila” bottle to Meggs 30th’s party. Moron obviously being me and moron obviously had a great time until late in the night and more like passed out on top of the cover to his bed than fell asleep.
Yup, felt like a prince today obviously.

Power Cleans was actually easy. Broadening of the feet at heavy weights is mandatory, (and unwanted for ofc), but think I can easily get around 100kg for 5!
While struggling to find motivation for my training after the Games, I actually looked through some old training note books and came over an old favourite programming of mine, the Wave Loading!
Idea is to neurologically prepare the muscles with one lighter wave, still needs to be challenging, and then by that make the heavier sets of the second round harder. This can be done in different rep schemes, 3-2-1 for pure strength for example, and I chose this version since I want my repetitive strength to increase. Might be working a little too much towards hypertrophy with these numbers, but that’s ok..

HSPU with this version was fun. I have never tried higher than 20cm before, that I can remember anyway, and was surprised how easy the +50 felt. More flexibility and I could do more. Now I agree with my friends saying this is kind of an stupid exercise without a real purpose, but sometimes a man should be allowed to just do things for fun as well!

Meant to do some conditioning after the strength, but considering how nauseous I got by just doing 5’s of PC’s, I guess I was lucky to be out of time…





5 responses

23 08 2011

Du kunde ha brottat in armbågarna mot bröstkorgen lite mer där i botten 🙂

Bra prestation från dig både på clean o HSPU, hoppas motivationen också är på väg tillbaka?

23 08 2011

Jo kanske, men fan jag försökte verkligen göra pannan längre.. 😉
Kände mig stark, vilket är lite konstigt mtp helgen, tror på långsamt stegrande upp mot hög volym igen!

23 08 2011
Marcus Herou


Gillar stegrande träning generellt. Det är bytw jävligt många som kör Wendler nu.

Jag har ju hoppat på GSLP men det är satans tufft! 5-5-5+ på samma vikt hela tiden.

22 08 2011
Marcus Herou

Wave låter som Wendler faktiskt 🙂

22 08 2011

Hehe mjo kind of, men tanken är ju två stegrande vågor och man går inte till fler maxreps än 3 (i mitt exempel) i sista setet. Så viss skillnad ändå. 😛


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