Unvoluntarily tapering…

20 07 2011

”As long as you have some special Zen feeling or some part of your life labeled Zen, you’re missing the point.
When your Zen includes getting up in the morning, getting washed, and urinating, then you understand.”

Never get bored of this view...

Last days of training


A. No False Grip MU’s:
5, 4, 4
B. 4*25 Wall Balls, 20lbs (60s):
52s, 50, 51, 49

A. Flight Simulator, DU 5, 10, 15…45, 50, 45…., 5.
9’54min PB!

Got some flu feeling in my body. ”Funny” enough it’s the first time in a very long time I feel sick at all, (yes, I believe Paleo makes you healthy), and even funnier than that, I actually think i might be because I have been back on my sugar free Red Bull addiction lately. Coincidence? Maybe, but I decided that there will be no more of those super delicious bastards from now on…

Meant to do some heavy sessions this week, guess it wont really hurt me to take the volume down a bit this close to competition anyway. Wallballs is a goat, but actually felt quite ok yesterday. Flight Sim was to kind of check my body, no elevated heart rate, more than usual that is, and I felt fine afterwards. PB but still a bit annoyed. Missed halfway through 45 both on the way up and down, and then when I speeded towards the finish line, I messed up 3(!) times on 15…

Will see how I’m feeling tomorrow, throat is a bit sore but not overly bad and lower back has been a mess (hopefully due to the ugly kid Joe deadlifts and Sunday’s perfect Pipe Track Hike), and hopefully I can squeeze in a couple of lifting sessions before we go!





2 responses

20 07 2011
Marcus Herou

Vad är ”No false grip” för nåt?

Bra WB! Hata flight sim

21 07 2011

Eh, du vet vanligt grepp? 🙂


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