More PB’s

16 07 2011

”By insisting on mindfulness, Zen tries to help us end our confusion and live simply and effectively.”

– Robert Allen, Zen Reflections

No music today, hope you all survive…

11am, WOD 

A. Over Head Squats, build to 3RM:
60kg/3, 70/3, 79/3, 88/3, 93/3 PB! (+8kg!), 98/F  – 

B. 50,  20m Hand Stand Walk for Time:
ca 2 min

C. Row Intervals, 1 min on/1 off – aim sub 1’38/500m average:
Total: Average 1’37.5min/500m & 1538m

15 min rest, then from OPT: 30 s on of each, rest 30/60/90/30/60/90/30/60s between Rounds:

  • Amrap Burpees @ 95% (sure): 17, 14, 14
  • Double Unders: 50 (2 misses), 60, 59 (1)
  • Ab-mat Sit Ups: 25, 24, 23
Almost a one year old PB for the 3RM OHS, still felt very strong. Wrists is the biggest issue for me with multiple reps actually. Forgot to stabilize on 98kg and lost it on the way up. Honestly think I can get 100 for 3 quite easily.
Shoulders was VERY stiff and sore from the last days. (HSPU’s in Mary yesterday didn’t help). Started out the Hand Stand Walk, stolen from Mackie, unbroken first round of 10m in about 20s, then I completely died. Think I did the second 10m in 15 attempts, starting over again and again, just wasn’t the right day I guess.

Row actually not as sucky as usually! Not fun, but felt my recovery is getting better. Sprint conditioning from OPT was fun and probably good for speed.

I like the approach of ticking of old PB’s or doing wod’s I haven’t done before for easy such. I do not like my performance during Mary yesterday however. Did just over my shame level at 10 rounds + 5 HSPU + 6 Pistols. Pull Ups took all the time after 4 unbroken rounds, (everything else unbroken all the way), and I can definitely feel the 150 I did in arms and lats, should get quite a few more rounds though.
But hey, a PB is a PB, and Dave of course I can count it as a such, it is per definition the ”Personal Best” score I have ever done, right? 😉





3 responses

17 07 2011
Marcus Herou


Konstigt att du kraschade på Mary om du gjorde UB 🙂 jag kör 8 7 i henne på PU från start. Misstänker magnesiumpaus eh?

F.ö. så är jag nu övertygad om att din staminaträning är bra grejer. Kommer nu själv börja med liknande upplägg i TTB, PU och KBS.

Snor conditioning passet till imorrn.

17 07 2011

Hehe, jo sant iofs. Jag har tänkt en hel del på det i helgen och kommer bygga upp min conditioning runt hela det konceptet ett tag. Lite samma som att ”om man kan marklyfta 200kg så blir 100kg i en metcon lätt”. Om jag kan göra 70 plus maxreps eller 4ggr 30 PU med ”kort” vila så borde dem aldrig kunna stoppa mig i en metcon…

17 07 2011

PS. Kommer så klart köra vanliga metcons oxå…


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