Time to shift focus…

5 07 2011

A chain is never stronger than it’s weakest link…

9am, WOD Part 1, OL Technique & Strength

WU-Series, 2 sets @ 43kg: 2 Snatch Long Pull, 2 Snatch Push Press, 2 OHS

A. Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch (2sec pause in bottom of each):
3 sets @ 57kg
B. Push Press + Behind the neck Jerk + Split Jerk (5sec hold in split pos on last):
3 sets @ 84kg
C. Double Dip Back Squats, (1+1/4)
3*3 @ 125kg
D. Front Racked Lunges, 3*10/10:
43kg, 52, 61

6h rest

4.30pm, WOD Part 2 – Conditioning from OPT

E. 3 RFT @ 97%

  • 20 KBS @ 2poods (32kg)
  • 20 Burpees
Time: 7’30 min

F. For time @ 97%:

  • 400m Row
  • 21 Thrusters @ 95lbs/43kg
  • 400m Row
Time: 4’57 min

G. 3 Rounds of Max Double Unders:
15, 25, 55

A few notes from this morning:

  1. Need to stop thinking about getting heavy weights up with the OL technique work. Last set is always best so rather start at a lighter weight and work up!
  2. Knees are taking a beating from all the Squat/FS/Clean work. It’s not a weakness, work on other things…
  3. Re-arrange the program so I move the more shoulder focus in the OL part to Wednesdays since they get quite a rough Saturday with the gymnastics. They were stiff, sore and slow today.
  4. Be more efficient in the Warm Ups, 15 mins constant moving should be it!

From the conditioning part I can only take with me what I already knew: I suck at having burpees and rowing in metcons & I need to up my game here right away if I wanna contribute to our Team as much as I should.

Today’s OPT-program looked like something I really needed and since I already had ”Stamina Work” with KBS planned, it fitted perfectly. Regretted that choice right about after 10 burpees..
Broke the last round of swings at 12/8. Burpees is ridiculous to break, still I did so with minor breathing pauses from the second round. 7/7/6 and 7/13 (finally got that I could just keep dropping to the floor).
Row-wod could probably been way faster if I didn’t force my self to go at the rx’d ”97%” for the first 400m. Kept it at sub 1’38 and that cost a lot. Breathing hard and mentally broken down, just had to break the Thrusters at 14/7. Weak, I know. Last row was actually a struggle to not fall of the machine from hell..

The DU’s I put in there my self, was just rinsed, grilled and a damn well done fish at that point.

Well, it can only get better from here and there will be more and more conditioning focus taking place in my programming over the coming weeks, just as planned.





4 responses

5 07 2011

Grisiga OPT pass, måste ha varit lite Fran-känsla på pass 2?

Låter som bra insikter, vid OL och då speciellt Ryck tycker jag det är viktigt att jobba upp vikten från riktigt låga vikter.

6 07 2011

Näää mkt värre än Fran, det var ju RoDD!! 😉
Du vet mitt tänk, fler tunga lyft = mer arbetskapacitet, men det funkar ju inte riktigt vid OL…

5 07 2011
Marcus Herou

Hur kör man medvetet @ 97% i en metcon? Det är ju typ en enda paus a 5s extra i Fran…

5 07 2011

Hehehe, well för mig tolkar jag det som att ”försöka röra på sig heeela tiden men inte maxa tempot” (antagligen närmare 90%). Helt enkelt, inte stanna för taktiska pauser utan bara när jag ”måste”… 😛


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