Ring HSPU’s? Kind of…

2 07 2011

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

– Buddha –

10am, WOD

A. 10 rounds on the minute of 1 Strict MU to Ring HSPU
4 rounds (nerve impingement in the hand)..
B. 3*3 Ring HSPU’s
C. 4 set submax TTB (60s rest)
15, 15, 10, 10 

D. Row Intervals, 5*1 min on/2 min off (sub 1’40min/500m av.):

  • 301m/1’39.6 min
  • 301/1’39.6
  • 304/1’38.6
  • 301/1’39.6
  • 301/1.39.6

I think I haven’t tried either the strict MU or the Ring HSPU since my shoulder injury. Rusty technique and, again, way too stiff in my shoulders to be moving efficiently, but still good that I can do them now!
Core stabilization in the Ring HSPU’s was worse than before, but some practice should fix that. TTB’s also felt a bit awkward, didn’t get my feet back well enough.

Rowing was as dreadful as always. Will probably never get comfy with it, still it is what needs to be done so I will try to do these each week lowering my average split, uack…

Oh, yesterday’s Team WOD was fun. I had chose the second event from last years Affiliate Cup so we all got to practice some Pistols, more rowing and a ”max shoulder to overhead” at the end. Didn’t really push any of these, got 17 pistols and 20 cals for that minute each but I was really happy to be able to keep up with the Beast in the starting Deadlifts! Grant pushed out 35 reps at 111kg, I got 33 out of which the first 30 was unbroken TNG. None of us actually really maxed out so felt really strong with that. Had I know he did 35 when I went I could have got more. But then again, I didn’t do a 1RM at 242kg just before this! 😉






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