Taken back down from my pedestal…

25 06 2011

”Too many people overvalue what they are not, and undervalue what they are.”

– Forbes –

10.30am, WOD ThrowdownSeries.com Event #5

Part 1 – 4 min AMRAP:

  • 4 Hang Cleans @ 165lbs (75kg)
  • 5 Burpees
    Rest Exactly 3 min

Part 2 – 6 min AMRAP:

  • 4 OHS @ 135lbs (61kg)
  • 12 Ring Dips
    Rest Exactly 3 min

Part 3 – 3 min AMRAP:

  • Row For Calories

Score: 4 rounds + 3 Cleans (39p), 4 Rounds + 4 OHS + 9 Dips (77p), 60 Calories = 176p

Felt confident coming into the event, even though I haven’t paid much attention to this series I still wanted to challenge and beat Jobst – ended up with me being whopped by 10 points..

No excuses, conditioning felt ok considering I have been taking that very easy since the Regionals, only part that was really dreadful was the row, but with that one it doesn’t matter if I’m in the shape of my life – still smashes me completely.
Did a few mistakes, firstly I misread the clock in the end of part 1, thought it said 3:59 when it actually was 3:54, and I simply didn’t do the last Clean and could probably have pushed in a burpee or two as well.
Hardest part was without a doubt, but a bit surprisingly, the OHS. The ”great” shoulder stability I had in the snatches yesterday was gone and I basically had to fight with every rep to not drop the bar. Was expecting at least a full round more on that part so there’s where I lost most points.

Knew I had no chance against Jobst when getting on the rower, he was only 4 points behind me at that stage and is a hell of a lot better rower than me, (not that that says a lot). I said before the event that I wanted a 15p lead on the row to feel secure. Could probably have pushed my self a little harder and on a good day I might get around 5 cals more. If it’s a fight to the finish line I might even be able to push the 70’s, but my capacity isn’t bigger than that right now.

Rowing 2 times a week is scheduled from now on, (again), and I really liked the concept of this workout so I might copy it with some other combinations. Think it would be very healthy for me to finish a lot of my workouts with this kind of row. How fun that would be is another story…





6 responses

25 06 2011

Din jävel, 3 frivändningar! Sjukt med scoren annars, bra jobb!

Firar du också midsommar eller? Eftersom du hoppar fram som små grodorna fast med en 75kg stång på bröstet 🙂

25 06 2011

HAHAHA, det där är ju HELT overkligt!!! Hade du sett min score innan du körde!?
Självklart ville jag oxå få skutta små grodor och stångjäveln rörde på sig som fan idag, tror Jobst fixade en manipulerad stång åt mig…

26 06 2011

Nä, körde strax efter lunch, hade jag sett din score innan så hade jag kunnat tangerat pass 1 och klämt in någon extra rep/cal pass2 och 3 🙂 Tro mig jag hade behövt den sporren!

26 06 2011

Hehe ja det här var ett pass där bra sparring hade varit grymt. När jag insåg att jag inte skulle ta Jobst, tidigt i part 2, så ortkade jag inte trycka på riktigt…

25 06 2011
Marcus Herou

Hmmm jovisst är det bra med såna roddar men tror mer på sprintar i intervaller tex Tabata, 4×500 osv

25 06 2011

Träningsmässigt absolut, men för mig handlar det mest om att bli vän med rodden psykiskt så jag slipper få suicide ångest efter en minut på maskinjäveln varje gång… 😉


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