21 06 2011

”The greatest effort is not concerned with results.”

– Buddha –

Stunning views as always if you ask me.. 😉

10.30am, Hike up Lions Head, Yoga on the top & slow jog down

2.30pm, WOD

A. Cathletics WU-series, 3 sets @ 29kg, 2 Snatch Long Pull + 2 OHS + 2 Sotts Press

B1. Box Jumps, 5*3 @ 100 cm
10s to:
B2. Ring Dip to L-sit hold 3s, 5*5
120s to B1

C. 3 Rounds for speed:

  • 15 Butterfly CTB
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 2 min rest

56s, 51, 60

Let’s hope the enlighten one is right about that, nothing with my training feels result driven atm. Can’t complain though, feels pretty good to have a sub max week right now to get back in the game.

Really like the warm up series so far, think that if nothing else it will make me a lot more flexible at least. First round of Sotts I dropped the bar forward, second I initiated them by driving with the hip and for the last round it actually felt ”perfect”. No heavy weight at all but it’s all about positioning right now.

Ring Dips a bit painful for the shoulder, damn thing refuses to heal, and L-sit hold just freaking hard. CTB’s unbroken, consecutively and easy. DU’s spiked the heart rate more than expected. No misses during the 2nd round, which always makes a big difference in time.

Yeah, almost forgot. Lions Head was quite a while ago. Love that piece of rock and just getting out in nature in general. Need to get that back into my weekly routines again!





2 responses

21 06 2011
Marcus Herou

Trevligt pass, när kör du igång din SM-programmering?

21 06 2011

Mysigt om inte annat.
Vet inte riktigt, försöker förstå hur jag ska göra med axeln. Hatar tanken på lång vila men nån gång måste jag låta den läka helt innan den pajjar totalt.
Om det känns bättre efter den här veckan kör jag på med det här upplägget och ökande conditioning Juli ut tror jag sen får jag se. Har en grovplan iaf! 😛


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