Light Weight!

20 06 2011

”Your goal is to find a weight that is a challenge, but allows excellent technical execution and speed.”

– –

3pm WOD

A. Warm Up Series, 2 sets @ 29kg, 2 Snatch Long Pull, 2 Snatch Push Press, 2 OHS

B. 1 Power Snatch, 1 OHS, 1 Snatch (2 sec paus in bottom of each):
43kg, 52, 57
C. 1 Push Press, 1 Behind The Neck Jerk, 1 Split Jerk (5s paus in split on last):
70kg, 84, 93
D. 1+1/4 Back Squats, 3*3@111kg,
E. KBS (regional standard), 3*20@32kg (60s)
42s, 44, 45
D. Back Extension, 3*10 (60s) 

Hehe, wouldn’t exactly call my lifting technique full of ”excellent execution and speed”. OH-pos felt off in all lifts and just holding the rack pos felt like a deep stretch in my shoulders, guess that’s what happens when you’ve been completely inactive for a week.
On a positive note weights felt easy overall, back squats was something I put in there my self and it felt like I could do a lot more. KBS was also a positive experience, shoulders took a little beating by locking out with complete extension, but in general all sets was unbroken and easy. Thinking about building this one up like I did with my GHD’s before and aim for a fast 100 reps for time, what ever that would be?

Feels good to be back in training again. Slowly getting over the disappointment from Regionals and realizing that I don’t do CrossFit only to compete, I do it because I love it in every aspect. I love chasing new PB’s, I love feeling stronger then before and faster than yesterday. Just need to get back on the right track mentally and I’m sure I will be more than a good enough athlete when time wants me to be.

PS. When starting a new training cycle with positioning and technique as the biggest goals, one of the most important tools should be to record and correct yourself. Needless to say, I forgot to bring the camera today…






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