Unaffordable Mistakes..

11 06 2011

”Life will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it.”

– Rocky Balboa –

Only positive thing about today was this awesome pic featured here!

A few thoughts about what went wrong today, then I’m gonna leave it behind me and give the entire essence of my being into taking the small chance that still is out there for tomorrow.

Don’t know exactly what my fueling mistake is, I’m sure I’m eating enough amounts of good cals, but something definitely was off today. Already during the second set of Deadlifts (8 and 7 reps), I felt that my energy systems wasn’t working. As soon as my heart rate got elevated I was incapable of any kind of recovering. Guess I should be ok with my 7’05 min for Event 3 considering that, but it still felt bad…

During Event 4 my mistake is easier to pinpoint. I stuck with my game plan perfectly, right up until the last 10 KBS and then instead of breaking them into two easy 5’s, I listened to some little demon on my shoulder and finished all 10 off them straight.
Obviously my heart rate spiked, the Double Unders became much more draining than they had to be, yet I still felt pretty ok when I got to the OHS with something like 8 mins to go.
Until I did the first 10, (which felt great), put the bar on my back according to plan, took a few breaths, jerked it and immediately cramped up in both my quads. From there on it was a pathetic struggle to overcome the pain and I lost, big time. 55 OHS is well under my capacity and I have no excuses, it completely smashed me when my legs wasn’t working. When the physical energy wasn’t there, today I just couldn’t flip the mental switch and break through it.

Put my self in a worse position than I was hoping for coming in today, but now that is all behind me.

I will NOT let this day keep me on my knees and I will give it my all to outperform my self in every way tomorrow. That is what is needed and I must believe that I can do it.





5 responses

13 06 2011

You are destined to do great things

13 06 2011

Not so great this weekend, but luckily there are more to come in the future. Thx a lot for cheering and supporting! =)

11 06 2011

Get your shit together tomorrow Yogi, I wanna see your ass in the games!!!

11 06 2011

You are awesome Christian.

11 06 2011

You can, and you will.


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