Listen to the master

18 05 2011

”To me totality is very important in sparring.” 

– Bruce Lee –

Load of Power Cleans from AM-session!

4.30pm WOD Part 2, 20 min AMRAP:

  • 2/4/6/8… Burpees
  • 2*50m Run
  • 2/4/6/8… KBS@32kg
  • 2*50m Run
Result: 16 round + 18 Burpees + Run + 18 KBS

So, as the Jet Kun Do Master him self, today I chose my sparring partners for the afternoon wod wisely (or just got lucky having them around). Ellie won the ”Short Trail Run Summer Series” in the beginning of the year, Mona is a weightlifter aiming for the Olympics and finished in 3rd spot in the African Sectionals and finally I was happy to be able to try to keep up with Hermann. He’s a very capable runner, (used to do triathlons and finished the Two Oceans Half Marathon in a very respectable time!).

In the first half of the 20 mins, Hermann was just ahead of me forcing me to never stop moving. Somewhere around the 14 round I managed to pull away and kept that lead to the finish. What I’m most happy about with this workout however, except actually moving the entire time for this long duration, is the way I didn’t break down mentally when rough got rougher!
Broke the 2 last rounds of burpees in 10/6 & 6/6/6 with the Rule of 3 Breaths on every break and planned to do the same with the KBS, but somehow I managed to tell my self to hold on to that iron ball and got them all unbroken.
EDIT: I can’t count. All in all I got 90 burpees, 90 KBS and 1700m of run on a grassy field, not bad at all.

I also must give some credit to the creator of the WOD, oh wait that’s me, actually think it was very well put together and everybody seemed to have chosen the right weight for the KB’s, think we all finished somewhere in the 18-round!






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