Improving Weaknesses

18 05 2011

”Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

[Oh, only 672h for my upload. Guess I’ll try again later..]

10am. WOD Part 1

Warm Up: 10min Controlled Hand Stand Walk

A. Technique, 5*2-pos Hang Power Clean@70kg (ozm)
Mid Hang, Knee
B. Power Clean, 3-2-1-1-1:
84/3, 93/2, 98/1, 102/1, 107/F+F
C. 20 Unbroken Power Cleans @ 135lbs/61kg: DONE!
No dumping, no resting on the ground.

D. Row Intervals, 5*1 min on/2 min off:
Goal sub 1’37.5min/500m split 

  • 311m/1’36.4 av. 500m split
  • 310/1’36.7
  • 310/1’36.7
  • 309/1’37.0
  • 307/1.37.7(!)
    Stupid mistake stopped rowing 5s too early on the last thinking I was ”clear”.
Total: 1547(+20)4m/1’36.9(-1.9s)

Walking on hands are like bananas – for monkeys! Still, I anticipate it coming to the Games at some point (Regional or Finals) and I would love to master it. If you count approx. 2m as mastering, I’m already there.. 😉
My ”rule” was to start the walking out of a solid hand stand and not just sprint away, hard stuff.

Cleans felt better than before. No PB’s or impressive numbers at all, but at least I’m not afraid of the weights anymore. Lower back issue makes me cautious with heavier weights and I can see that it keeps me from keeping a straight back. 107 not exactly close but well high enough.
Thought the 20 repper would be much harder. 70kg next week.

Row. Wanted to quit after three rounds, super pumped in the balls of my feet(!) and my biceps during last two. Annoying that I actually ”sprinted” last 20s and was sure I already done the work when display showed average sub 1.36, stopped at 55s and watched it climb. Will kind of count it anyway and aim even lower next week, uack!

Off to some outdoor training soon. Public Holiday down here so gonna take the opportunity to roll around in the mud where the Regionals will be held.






2 responses

18 05 2011
Marcus Herou

Handstand walk, here I come!

Bra att du kör PC:s nu, helt rätt.

18 05 2011

Japp, en skill som jag tror kan vara bra att ha inom kort.. 😉
OL är en stor svaghet just nu även om jag måste säga att 20repparn kändes oförskämt bra, så länge vikten inte blir för hög på tävling tror jag min motor håller mig rätt högt i listan.


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