Hello Jello!

17 05 2011

”May your resolve to awaken and live in true power be indomitable.
May the lessons you are about to learn arrive in gentle ways.
May your dark nights of the soul be few and far between.
And may you shine so brightly that, at the end of your days, all will pause and say,
‘Ah, there was one who lived life fully and completely'”.

– Robin Sharma, Discover your Destiny –

11.55 am, WOD

A. Back Squats, 3-3-1-1-1:
125kg/3, 143/3, 152/1, 161/1 PB! (+1kg!), dnf
B. Back Squats, 20 reps @ 116

20 min rest

C. 5 Rounds On top of every 3rd minute, Hill Sprint
26.85s, 26.60 (PB), 27.19, 28.87, 30.56

Plan was to do an attempt at 166kg as well, but I just wasn’t there mentally on the 161 lift. Actually wanted to drop it but didn’t know ”how” so stood up with it instead! 😀
The 20 reppers are honestly just a mental test, first three reps almost as hard as the last ones. Maybe I can get that 20 at 120 I was dreaming of next week?

Hill Sprints felt surprisingly swift considering my legs didn’t feel too explosive. First time under 27s for the full length of ”my” hill and the first round was about 90% cause I wasn’t really warmed up. Only did 5 rounds due to a needling appointment, next week I’ll go for ”death by” sub 30s..





3 responses

17 05 2011

Grymt starkt och roligt att se hur du tränar nu för tiden. Har varit alldeles för dålig att kolla runt på bloggar den senaste tiden, så man blir lite häpen över folks framgångar ibland! 🙂

17 05 2011

Thx amigo, det går framåt iaf.. 😉

17 05 2011
Marcus Herou

Fan va stark du har blivit!


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