Chinks in the armour…

8 05 2011

”Use what is useful, reject what is useless…”

– Bruce Lee –

Where do I begin..?

10 am, WOD Part 1 – Strength

A. Hang Power Snatch, 3-3-2-2-2:
52kg/3, 57/3, 61/2, 66/2, 70/F

B. Power Snatch 3 * 1 on ze minute @ 61 kg

60 min rest

11.30 am, WOD Part 2 – Conditioning

C. 6 Hill Sprints @ 90%, start every 3rd minute
(5 min rest between round 4 & 5).

27s, 28, 29, 29, 35, dnf

Hmm, ok even though I’ve been against too much specializing as a CrossFitter earlier, I think it’s about time I start giving my OL a big focus. That in combination with the feeling of not recovering between sessions last week has made me re-do my entire programming, kind of anyway.

Today’s session felt awkward in every aspect basically. Not feeling fast at all. However, the Hill Sprints was very fast. If I remember correctly I was around 30s per round for a shorter distance last year, (started further down today), and with a bigger effort! 100% then but only around 90% now, up until the 5th round that is. Had decided previous to the sprints that when I lost explosiveness I would quit, and man did I die in the hill of the 5th. Sitting at Caprice waiting for my burger, my ass was still in cramp some good 45 mins later…

It’s 5 weeks to the Regionals and I need to really make sure I work on what is necessary, (and of course useful Bruce), instead of keep on working my ego. Without bragging I can say that I am strong ”enough” in the regular lifts as Squats, Pressing etc. But, I am no way near where I should be when it comes to the Olympic Lifts..
Also, thinking about it made me realize this should actually be the best period for me to work on it if I ever should ”specialize” a bit. Right now is exactly when I need to work on my speed and not strength. That said, I will still use Blair’s template with gymnastics etc, I just wont do 3 sessions a day and work out only every other day. Think it’s wise to stick with what has been working before and just fine tune what needs to be tuned.

I will still do a am-session with lifting and gymnastics and a afternoon wod with conditioning since that has felt very good in the past.

This is my plan for the coming weeks: (Main Lift / Higher reps Assistance / Gymnastics / Conditioning)

  • Monday: Power Clean / Push Press / Ring dips varitations / Heavy Intervals with Rowing in there
  • Tuesday: Swim technique in the AM / Front Squats / Floor / No conditioning
  • Wednesday: Power Snatch / Snatch Balance / Bar / Long BW-WOD’s
  • Thursday: Active Recovery
  • Friday: Clean & Jerk / Deadlifts / Ring Hand Stands or MU’s / 1-2 Heavy Metcons, medium to short + Row Sprints
  • Saturday: Snatch / OHS / Hill Sprints / (Maybe Tire Flips, Prowler Push etc if body feels ok).
Variations (from Hang etc) & Rep schemes will vary through out and it’s not really super important to me to get my max numbers up, but I do want to feel much more confident in the lifts. As said, I don’t think it will be negative in any way to get faster and considering the fast twitch muscle fibers involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if I do get stronger at the same time!
As always, comments and thought are more than welcome. I am in no way an expert, but think I start to understand better what is working for me as an individual. At the end of the day, I think my biggest risk with this programming is how injury prone my elbows and shoulders been lately. If I can get through this while being smart and listening to my body I expect nothing but pure super human powers at the beginning of June… 😉
Speaking of which, guess I have to post this little interview that got posted on the Games Site today…



2 responses

8 05 2011

Slappna av i armarna och jobba mer med framlåren i andra draget? Tänk hoppa snarare än att skicka fram höften. Men vad vet jag.

8 05 2011

Ja du vet garanterat mer än mig iaf och det du säger låter väldigt vettigt, tack för input! 😛


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