Off to a good start!

2 05 2011

”It also recruits a ton of motor units which speeds the process of motor learning. Doing exercises like a dip to an L sit pause will improve control and strength quicker than doing either in isolation.”

– Blair Morrison –

10 am, WOD Part 1 – Gymnastics

A. Dip to L-Sit Pause, 8-8-8

B. Back Lever Eccentric, 5-5-5

C. L-Sit Hold, 3*max

2h Rest

12.30pm, WOD Part 2, Strength

D. Back Squats, 5-5-3-3-3-20
130/5, 138/5 PB! (+3kg), 143/3 PB!, 147.5/3 PB! (+7.5kg), dnf, 102/20

My second phase programming up to the Regionals is inspired by Blair’s recent programming. Had planned to write a post about it yesterday, might do it tomorrow instead – it might always inspire someone. The idea is to do three sessions a day, gymnastics/strength/conditioning, and ”only” train every other day. Today I did copy the gymnastics straight out from Blair’s program, (with less reps), but in general I will use his blogged sessions more as a ”template” and use my own exercises and rep schemes according to my master plan.. 😉

Dips to L-sit was harder on the abs than expected, felt very good. The levers isn’t my strong side so looking forward to practicing them. L-sit, a bit of a disappointment but positioning was good.

Back Squats, what can I say? I’m hitting new squatting pb’s every time I lift so this was according to ”plan”. 147.5 for 3 was just about max so no need to try the last set, 20 repper was though and considering I was walking funny a good 10 minutes after that one, all the running planned in part 3 will be very interesting…

5pm, Part 3, Conditioning

F. ”Hell-In!”

  • 1200m Run
  • 63 KBS @ 24 kg
  • 36 Pull Ups
  • 800m Run
  • 42 KBS
  • 24 PU’s
  • 400m Run
  • 21 KBS
  • 12 PU’s
Shame Level: 25 min, Goal: 23’11 (Neils time in the Games 2010), Dream: 20 min
Time: 23’20 min (aksaöldsaökjed!)
Honestly! Not that it really matters, but I was so sure that Neils time was 23’37, (for whatever reason), and felt ok with at least beating that. Now I’m annoyed…
The list of reasons why this shouldn’t be my kind of wod could be made long, so instead of making excuses I’m actually gonna say that I’m quite happy with my effort. I did get an agonizing cramp in my medial quads during the second round, (maybe the earlier squats played a little roll here), and that forced me to drop and ”stretch” like 4-5 times during that one. Glad I pushed through and the last round was quite swift considering it was exactly that, the last round. On a good day I honestly think I can shave off quite some time here, and the fact that I wouldn’t have finished last of the 45 listed on the Games site from last year is always something to cling on to.
Timing: the camera fell 2secs after I was done, and literally 1 minutes after that, the rain was all over us!



7 responses

3 05 2011

Fan va bra! Grattis till PB:t!, du måste dock käka en halv kossa för att tillgodose dig den workloaden… 🙂

3 05 2011

Thx! Med tanke på hur mina ben känns idag borde jag nog käkat hela den där kon… 😉

3 05 2011

For the record, you are downplaying the impact of cramping a bit here. I was a bit worried you wouldn’t be able to finish the workout without injuring yourself and to post a time that’s very close to Neil’s on a) the third workout of the day b) with severe cramping and c) without any competition to push you/adrenaline of competition is very impressive.

And that was just *too cool* with the rain pouring down when I was doing my last round of kettlebell swings. Surely made the evening memorable!!

Now we just need to wait until my ankle heals so we can race each other (with an appropriate head start for me of course!!).

3 05 2011

Hehe, I didn’t wanna whine too much in the blog so thank you for doing that on my behalf.. 😉
Nah, but that was Neils score a year ago, pretty sure he would do better today. But also, thx a lot for company and cheering me on when things got rough!
Next time u will be running for sure! 😛

2 05 2011
Marcus Herou

Oh! Och bra kört!

2 05 2011
Marcus Herou

Kul programmering!

Hmm denna har jag velat lägga in många ggr men precis i sista stund ditchat den. Nåt annat ryker 🙂

3 05 2011

Den var faktiskt helt ok. Förutom krampen så trivdes jag nästan genom hela woden. Sub 20min klart doable för dig!


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