Another misty Hike

29 04 2011

”Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

– John Muir –

There's suppose to be a mountain somewhere around here?

Almost chickened out on doing today’s planned hike to ”my” cave on the Pipe Track. Knowing that going up there alone in a thick mist might not be the smartest thing almost got to me. But, hey since when did doing the smart thing start being equal to what I chose to do?

Ah, there you are..

Funny how things work, I used to be this guy who loved the sun, still do, but so much that I couldn’t even think about going out if there was the slightest drizzle in the air. Now, all of a sudden I’m really enjoying the early days of winter down here. Pushed the tempo quite hard, and without having planned to do so, I reached the cave within 40 minutes of my start. A new ”PB” by at least 10-15 mins I would guess.. 😉

The Indiana Jones Stairs looked even more mysterious than usual!

Glad I wasn't here when the side of this mountain decided to landslide.

Didn’t wanna spend too much time at the cave risk getting cold, obviously enjoyed my breakfast Dark Ritter Sport and some meditation before I headed back though.

The view from the cave, a bit less spectacular than last time..

On my way down the drizzle turned into a light rain, but today I couldn’t care less. Strolled down in a slow pace since I knew I was a bit early for my needling appointment with Dr. Stuart.

Usually one can see ocean, beach and Camps Bay here!

So, end of my recovery week tomorrow when I will kick start the system with a hopefully intense metcon of Tire Flips and Rope Climbs! Shoulder has been very iffy and not quite improving as I was hoping during this week without any work for it, until today! It feels so much better after the needling today, and that’s a first as well when it comes to this specific injury. Fingers crossed and I can hopefully start pushing my self harder and harder from now on when it comes to upper body work as well…





3 responses

3 05 2011

Inga poseringar?

3 05 2011

Hehe, kändes inte som rätt dag att droppa kläderna… 😉

3 05 2011

True! 🙂


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