Easter traffic on the Mountain?

25 04 2011

”In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

– Buddha –

Winter is approaching.

”It was a cold and windy day in the end of April..”

So, at the same time as my old hometown is turning winter into spring and eventually summer, Cape Town is going in the opposite direction. Usually I’m not a man of the colder seasons, but I have to admit that I for some reason find it quite cozy this time around.

First day of my recovery week and I decided it was time to climb Lions Head, it had definitely been too long, but so did apparently a whole lot of other people. While the Swedish are trying to survive the not so thought through combination of season celebrations and highly trafficked roads, not seldom with alcohol involved, I tried to do the same. Make my way through heavily trafficked roads that is. If I usually meet maybe 10-20 people on my way up and down, it was at least 100 lost souls making today’s trip more interesting.
Being as impatient as always, I simply stayed off the main track and climbed and scrambled where ever I could find my path, probably the best way to climb this mountain if you ever wanted an adventure!

Did my yoga routine on top and switly ran down. A hefty wind and a light drizzle made the descent quite demanding, not that I would want it in any other way.

Knowing that the rest is what I need to get stronger and better, I think I can actually handle the boredom of this ”no gym”-week. Lots of plans for the next phase, lots of motivation to get whatever needs to be done done, and a real hunger to really walk the walk of purpose which I know will lead me to where I wanna be in the long run – can’t wait to get back in the game!






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