Ugly Deads & a Weird Chipper

23 04 2011

”In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

– Coco Chanel –

10 am WOD

A. Deadlifts, 5-5-3-1-1-1:
165kg/5, 174/5 PB! (+5kg), 184/3 PB! (+9kg), 193/1, 207.5/F, 207.5/F

B. Chipper from CrossFit.Com:

  • 25 Walking Lunges
  • 20 Pull Ups
  • 50 Box Jumps @ 20″/50cm
  • 20 Double Unders
  • 25 Ring Dips
  • 20 Knees to Elbows
  • 30 KBS @ 32kg
  • 30 Sit Ups
  • 20 Hang Dumbell Squat Cleans @ 2*15 kg
  • 25 Back Extensions
  • 30 Wall Balls
  • 3 Rope Climbs
Time: 15’40 min.
Last day of training before my recover week! If you thought your deadlifts were ugly yesterday Dave, think again, huh? 😉
Funny thing when I get worn down by high volume training is that my strength always seems to be in there. ”Maybe” a little too eager when I decided to go for 10kg more than my 1rm after that quite heavy 193. At least it got off the ground. Pretty sure I will get these weights when I hit this in a few weeks again however.
Had no motivation to do any kind of metcon at all actually, but when I literally was about to hit the shower, I found this weird chipper on .com and fell in love. Seems like they really just pulled a bunch of exercises and numbers out of that hopper this time and mixed into a wod that had no logic in it what so ever, exactly what I needed! Best scores on .com was just under 10 mins so my half ass show wasn’t so impressive. But, I was just happy to get a ”bleed through” kind of workout done, and to practice a few not so common exercises is always good. And hey, I finally got to jump on that girlie box…
Already fine tuning the workouts for the next phase in my program, how I ever will be able to stay away from gym training for a whole week is a mystery to me.



3 responses

24 04 2011

Fick du inspiration från mig? 🙂 Sådär skulle du ha lyft på tävlingen förut! Grymt att du kan rubba 200+vikten efter allt annat arbete! Har ni skaffat några andra vikter, har för mig att 184kg var max på stången förut?

Jag gillar den chippern, största utmaningen på den är nog att försöka utföra sakerna i rätt ordning och antal utan fusklapp 🙂

24 04 2011

Hehe, nä hade faktiskt lyften inplanerade som sista pass innan vilan. Vi låser fast vikter med gummiband som dubbelsurras, riktigt hardcore! 😀
Första lyftet trodde jag faktiskt att jag inte ens fick den off the ground, men kollade videon och bestämde mig för att prova igen – lika tungt andra ggn dock..

24 04 2011

Hehe och jag skrev upp chippern på tavlan annars hade jag inte haft en chans. Ändå lyckades jag nästan göra fel efter pullupsen.. 😉


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