Done with the Sectionals!

22 04 2011

”Courage consists in the power of self-recovery.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Speeded up, still feels like slowmo when I’m watching it…

11.00 am, WOD

A. Power Snatch, Max for Day:
52/3, 61/2, 61/2, 61/2 

B. Sectionals WOD 11.6 – 7 min AMRAP:

  • 3 Thrusters @ 100 lbs/45 kg
  • 3 CTB Pull Ups
  • 6 Thrusters
  • 6 Pull Ups
  • 9 Thrusters
  • 9 Pull Ups
    And so on, adding three reps per exercise and round…

Shame Level: 90 reps (15 round), Goal: 126 reps (18 round), Dream: 168 reps (21 round)

Score: 104 reps 

Snatches was way off today, shoulder hurt and I had no leg drive what so ever. Decided to call it on 61 and just did a few ”alibi” lifts. They did get a little better at the end at least.

Gotta love my dream level for 11.6! 😉
I am very close to the end of my 6 weeks cycle and as expected, I am running low on gas. Don’t have any kind of extra gear to put in there when it gets heavy. And like Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that…

Feels very good that I am done with these Sectionals however. What started out as a fun concept of qualifying has just drained the motivation out of just about anyone I know competing. We shouldn’t complain too much though, professional athletes in just about any sport have way longer seasons than this. Still, I’m so over it.
Can’t wait to have an awesome recovery week that will consist of some hikes and running, don’t wanna let my self off completely since I know that only makes my re-start longer. Very excited for the next phase in my programming for the Regional and will probably have to twist my own arms to not start it early after a couple of rest days.

More about that later, tomorrow it’s time for another outdoor wod and this one has a lot of promise to it, think you will like the video if it comes together as I have planned!

Namaste & a very Happy Easter! 




3 responses

22 04 2011
Marcus Herou

Håller med. Rätt så trött på tråkiga wods 🙂

22 04 2011

Det där såg riktigt jobbigt ut, vilken panik i ögonen när du kollade på stången mellan thrusters! Det hindrade dig inte dock inte från att rusa på stången igen som en tjur 🙂
Jag ser faktiskt fram emot den här!

22 04 2011

Haha, jo panik är nog en bra beskrivning. Det där med tjur vettefan dock, snarare Ferdinand va.. 😉
Jag tror jag planerar in den här igen om ett par veckor faktiskt, sjukt hög poweroutput och det vore kul att göra den när man är i fas!


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