Motivation = Low, Strength = High.

20 04 2011

”The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our goals too high and falling short, but in setting our goals to low – and hitting our mark..”.

– Michelangelo –

Back Squats and guess what? 😉

4pm WOD

A. Back Squat 5-3-1-1:
135kg/5 PB! (+5kg), 140/3 PB! (+6kg), 152/1, 160/1 PB! (+8kg) 

B. 30 Box Jumps @ 80cm:
Time: 1’04 min PB…

C. Strict Weighted GHD’s, (18kg vest):
10, 8, 7

Already when I stepped inside the gym today I knew I wasn’t hungry enough for heavy 5by5’s. Last week of this cycle and I’m definitely feeling the effects of this heavy program. However, I’m also seeing the results it has given me! My different squat lifts keeps on sky rocketing and are without a doubt where I made most progress. Today I felt strong throughout, even if the last rep took me 6 seconds to complete..

Plan was to do some 800m runs after this, but since I might be doing that on Friday, (since when does ”might” make up for lost sessions..?), and I was quite unmotivated, I just let it be today. For the box jumps I was concerned for my stiff achilles tendon but found a technique that I thought kept me at the perfect pace, was very surprised when I looked up and saw that I missed that 1 minute mark again.
Weighted GHD’s was a nice change from the ones I’ve been doing for speed, way different with load.

Finally we know the last two WOD’s for the Sectionals, I say finally cause I’m frankly a bit tired of this concept now. It was fun in the beginning and I feel so damn lucky not to have to re-do every workout because everybody else is, and that would be the only way to have a chance to qualify in Europe for instance. Still I feel that 3-4 weeks would have been way enough, I don’t really see the need for your training to either be taken hostage by HQ, forcing you to program around whatever they throw at us each week, or you taking the risk of getting overtrained by doing the same exercises over and over again.
Seriously, 20 min AMRAP? Why not just run a marathon.

Enough whining, I will do these two last WOD’s today and on Friday. Will see which one fits better in my plan, and then next week is a full week without any gym training what so ever. First time in a long while that I’m actually looking forward to resting…





8 responses

20 04 2011

Grymt starkt!

20 04 2011


20 04 2011

Grymt! Grattis till alla PB:s…tyckte det var fint djup på 160, måste ha kännts weird i buggarna att hoppa bj efter det..

20 04 2011

Merci, var faktiskt inte jääättetungt att hoppa, hade mer problem med timingen tror jag…

20 04 2011

Klart det var godkänd djupt! Där satt den, den där har hycklat dig ett tag! Congratz!

20 04 2011

Gracias, jefla hycklarböj! =)

20 04 2011
Sälen CF

Grattis till knäböjen. HBBS dessutom!

20 04 2011

Thx amigo, försöker alltid köra Highbar för att spara ryggen och få bättre överföring till andra lyft. 🙂


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