When will I ever learn…

16 04 2011

”Learning without thought is labor lost.”


”How I almost broke my elbow…”

 8.15 am, WOD Part 1 

A. Clean Max for Day:
84kg/3, 93/1, 102/1, 111/F+F

12.05 pm, WOD Part 2

B. For Time:

Buy-In – 100 Double Unders

  • 20/16/12/8/4 KBS @ 32 kg 
  • 10/8/6/4/2 Tire Flips @ 300 lbs
  • 5/4/3/2/1 Rope Climbs over the 1st floorFinished 5 and only 1 on second round…

Buy-Out – 100 Double Unders

Time: 21’10 min

My OL-technique needs a lot of work. Felt easy all the way up to 102, maybe should have gone for 107 before bumping it up to 111. No problem getting the weight high enough but I suck at wrapping my elbows around the bar, today it almost cost me one of them..

For the metcon, plan was to do only the tire flips and rope climbs for more of a sprint work. As usual I filled it out with other stuff, and it turned out to be too much. Rope climbs are always fatiguing my grip, however it then is smart to throw KBS in the mix then is something I should have known before. Almost lost my grip and fell on the first climb of the second round, decided to let them be from then on and just pushed the tempo for KBS and Tire Flips.
No worries though, as spent and out of energy as I was after this wod, it must have been good.
What also feels good is that I now am so used to the 32kg KB that it feels about as easy swinging that as the 24 did before, I can keep on going ”forever”.

What’s not good is my shoulder, the combo of over bar burpees and high reps  in the OH-pos was what killed it the first time and after yesterday’s Sectional WOD, I can tell yet again that I really need to stay away from that kind of workload.
Only one week left of 5 by 5’s before it gets a full recovery week however, just need to stay smart about it for 7 more days and then after that rest I both hope and truly believe that I can be rid off these problems.






5 responses

19 04 2011

Oouuch! tur i oturen, riktig läskig fail….fina vändningar innan annars…

19 04 2011

Minst sagt obehaglig känsla… 😛

18 04 2011

That video is positively frightening. I think you’ve been hanging out with me too much.

17 04 2011

samma sak hände mig, men det var handleden som fick den stora smällen, tur att det gick bra!

jävla skit med axeln, kolla upp subscapularis ASAP!

Jag blir inte lika provocerad av dina filmer nu, vårvädret börjar smyga fram här nu 🙂

17 04 2011

Mmm, riktigt läskigt när man vägrar släppa i tid.. Hoppas Meggie kommer in imorrn måste fan kolla den som sagt,


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