Sectionals 11.4

15 04 2011

”Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.”

 ~José Ortega y Gassett

Pretty damn close...

2.45 pm, WOD

A. Sectionals WOD 11.4, 10 min ”Amrap”:

  • 60 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 30 OHS @ 120lbs/55kg
  • 10 MU’s

Shame Level: 1 Round(!), Goal: 1+10, Dream: 1+60

Score: 1 Round = 100p

30 min rest

B. Death by Row, from Mr. Monster Rower Himself:
30s Row/90s Rest, keep on going as long as average/500m is lower then your 500m PB, chose 1’30 min/500m as my level:

Score: 8 Rounds, (1’30.3 on the 9th).
Total meters on display: 1648m.

OK, as usual uploading a video for me is as swift as sending a mail to my mother, using a pigeon. Post it tomorrow morning instead.
First I was happy with my performance, hey I won a dinner from Jobst by beating him with 2 MU’s(!), but the more I let it sink in, the more I realize that I sold my self short, again..
I did two mistakes – firstly I flew threw the first 20 burpees, got worried and asked for the time and got freaked out by being there at 50ish secs. (I should neeeever look at a clock or ask for time, which I know by now). That made me ask my self too much how it felt, and it was a bit painful, duuuuh. Secondly, I stuck with my 10/8/7/5 OHS plan, but think I paced my self too much.
”Hey, just take it easy and you will get that full round, which is a good score” went through my head, what I should have done is obviously just pushed harder to give my self any chance of getting deep into the second round. So what if I bonk, F#ck! I KNOW that I should put more into this damn it…

Anyway, needed to punish my self in the end and saw Jon’s beautiful DB-Row the other day as a perfect way to do so. Rowing is never fun, but considering that I have neglected it lately I let my self go for 1.5 sec over my PB, but am actually quite pleased with the 8 rounds.

At the end of the day, I have promised my self not to re-do any of the Sectional wods, but this is one I would seriously consider doing again. Problem, or salvation if you chose to see it like that, is that my shoulder didn’t really like this treatment, surprise!
Better to work on something else tomorrow, think I’ll do a max Clean and some tire flippin business instead.





6 responses

15 04 2011
Marcus Herou

Grymt jobbat! Jag hatälskar denna wod

15 04 2011

How about we do it together in a couple weeks when my ankle is healed?

15 04 2011

Hehe, naah, not that keen. Mostely disappointed in lack of effort. Don’t wanna risk my shoulder and there are other things I rather work on.. Hell-in i.e… 😉

16 04 2011

No ropes involved in Hell-in, right? Just enough pullups to rip my hand open. 😉

I’m not at all sure how many of those OHSs my wrists could take anyway, but I still wanna do it.

I must be crazy.

15 04 2011

Fyfan snyggt jobbat, nära på 1+ där! MU flöt på bra?

15 04 2011

Mja, tycker jag ska ha en minut typ till att bomba burpees i slutet. De gick ”ok” men var så klart rätt trött där. OHS som var tidstjuv, mest för att jag inte vågade pressa på. Borde chansat, now is my time lixom…


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