Outdoor wods make me happy!

9 04 2011

”The road to success is always under construction.”

– Lily Tomlin –

This is how every Saturday should look like!

9 am, WOD Part 1

A. 5*5 Over Head Squats @ 79kg
5, 3(!), 5, DNF…

B. 3 Rounds of Strict Bar Serie, without coming off the bar:

  • 5 Pronated Pull Ups to neck
  • 5 Supinated Pull Ups CTB
  • 5 Strict Leg Raises

Couldn’t decide if I was going to do OHS or Strict Pull Ups for my morning wod today, decided to try for both  but felt very off in the over head position immediately. Maybe this has something to do with yesterday’s wod. Need to get my pulling strength up to par, unfortunately this is one exercise that my shoulder really don’t like at all though. Doesn’t hurt too much but just feels like everything around that shoulder blade cramps up and gets really stiff, Dr. Dave? 😉

Second part of the day was way more fun!

12.55 pm, WOD Part 2

C. 20 min AMRAP:

  • 6 Tire Flips, 300 lbs
  • 1 Rope Climb over the first flight
  • 1 Flight (2*12ish stair steps) Reverse Bear Crawl UP(!)
  • 1 Flight walk down
  • 1 Flight Bear Crawl Down

Score: 6 Rounds, 6 Flips, 1 Rope Climb over

I just love these workouts! Lifting shoes are so much better for rope climbing and now I really got my foot wrap in place, feels like I could hang there for ever. Hardest part was definitely the bear crawls, upwards obviously takes a lot of pressing power, but downwards was surprisingly hard as well after a couple of rounds.
Maybe not an impressive score, but I was moving at a steady pace and I feel like I’m not waiting to catch my breath between breaks as much anymore. Flips and rope climb felt quite swift, maybe in comparison, but still helped to bump the heart rate of course.

Super fun wod, can’t wait until next Saturday when I’ll put something else together!

PS. HQ, here’s my request for wod 11.4, Tire Flips & Rope Climbs! I could even think about doing a full 8 min amrap if you want some longer duration, deal?





4 responses

11 04 2011

wunderbart med utomhusträning och traktordäck. sköna övningar, respekt!

12 04 2011

Grazie bella!

10 04 2011
Marcus Herou

Hehe 8mins 🙂

I want a tire so bad…

Cool workout my friend, ohh yes it is spring I can climb rope in my garden again yeah!

11 04 2011

Tires are usually for free, find lika a tractor supplier and they usually have old ones that they give away! 🙂
Get out and do some work, I’m sure the extra energy it provides makes anybody a better CrossFitter!!!


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