Strong & Fast, still suck at rowing…

6 04 2011

”Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”

– Dough Firebaugh –

10.15 am, WOD Part 1.

A. Technique, 5 rounds ozm of 2-pos Power Snatch @ 52 kg
Hang/From floor

B1. Push Press, 3-3-1-1-1, (30s rest to B2):
84kg/3, 89/3 PB! (+5kg), 93/2+F (2RM PB), 100/1 PB! (+2kg), 102/F

B2. Good Mornings, 5*8 @ 61kg

4h rest

3.30 pm, WOD Part 2.

C. 5 Rounds of ”Nate” for time:

  • 2 MU
  • 4 HSPU
  • 8 KBS @ 32 kg

Time: 4’19 min

5 min rest

D. Row Sprints, 5 * 25s on/90s off:

  1. 545w/146m
  2. 535/144
  3. 535/144
  4. 502/141
  5. 471/138

Shoulders felt a bit off already in the technique part so I chose to take reps down a bit, rather then hitting them hard with 5 by 5 I did fewer reps for less impact. So, when I finally get that 100kg in my Push Press, my battery dies on me literally 3 seconds before I do the lift..
At the same day I think it was the first time ever that I beat my buddy, Mackie, in a metcon and obviously I don’t have that on tape for the same reason. OK, I should stop bragging, beat him by exactly one second so it’s not exactly huge, but hey small victories! Like the way that I went all out and never stopped moving.
Also feels good to be able to do MU’s in a wod again, not many today but still.

Rowing was awful. No explosiveness in the legs what so ever and it really shows that I haven’t focused as much on this lately. From now on my plan is to do at least 3 sessions with some kind of rowing per week to not overlook this big goat of mine.

Taught the late Advanced Class tonight as usual and wow, talk about energy! Did a, on paper, horrible version of CCF’s wod with 3 rounds of 7 wall climbs/walks mixed with 21 burpee box jumps and the guys just worked until they have nothing less. Pure awesomeness and now I have yet another wod that I just have to do, still owe the guys a go on the last weeks chipper.
Motivation is something that is best shared during hard work and I can honestly say that I’m getting a lot of it from these hard working athletes, I am truly happy to get to coach these guys towards the limitless sky.

PS. Wished for a short and heavy Sectionals WOD and boy, did the CrossFit Gods listen! All out is promised and it will be interesting to see how long I will be moving at all… 😉





2 responses

7 04 2011
Marcus Herou


Ser fram emot morgondagen och att få se en video av 11.3! Har kollat en del videos och en hög lätta killar kör Thrusters.

Har mätt tiden för en Thruster kontra Split-Jerk. En Thruster tar 3-4s och en Jerk tar 5-6s.

Slutsats: Man kan alltså med Thrusters bjuda sig på mer vila eller ännu hårdare gå in i väggen.

Tror inte vi får se många av topp 100 som kör Jerk

7 04 2011

Mjo, thrusters är ju målet, frågan är om man orkar. Jag är nöjd om jag orkar in på topp 1000 EN wod ffs kompis. Ligger ju inte så bra till på rankingen nu, vilket iofs är oviktigt för mig… 😛


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