Doing the work

30 03 2011

”If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”

– Herschel Walker –

10.45 am, WOD Part 1

A. 5*5 Push Press @ 84 kg:
84/5, 84/5, 84/3, 84/4, 93/1, 102/F

Gambled a little bit here since I only did 5by5 at 75 kg last time, two weeks ago. Not really efficient with my dip & drive, where’s my 30% extra from the press 😉
Did the same as in the FS yesterday and started going heavier but didn’t have that PB in me today. More practice needed.

5.30 pm, WOD Part 2

A. Unbroken Hang Power Clean Ladder, 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 for time:

Time: 2’37 min

Exactly 3 min rest

B. Death By Unbroken KBS @ 32, 2/4/6/8… reps

Score: 9 min/18-round (+3/3/4 last round).

C. 3*20 Reverse Hypers, unweighted, 60s rest.

Hesitated a lot if I really should do these since my forearms are really smoked from the 120 PU’s yesterday, but gambled again and this time I won! Think I could do a lot better in both metcons here but still happy that I pushed through. For the last round of KBS I was spent, picked it up but felt defeated already. But, for once I didn’t just walk away, I at least tried to get some extra work in. Exactly 100 KBS in exactly 10 mins, could be better but still good workload.

At the late Advanced Class I let the guys practice the movement standard of the 2nd WOD for the Sectionals and then I put together a really cool chipper, if I can say so my self. Called it the ”Chris Dirty Thirty” and since the guys did such an awsome job and it actually looked like so much fun, I promised that I would try it my self sometime during next week, stay tuned for that suicide mission!






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