At least I’m Stronger & Faster…

29 03 2011

When other things suck, turn to the things you love the most.

11.15 am, WOD Part 1

A. Front Squats, 5-4-3-1-1:
116kg/5 PB! (+5kg), 116/4, 120/3 PB! (+7 kg), 130/1 PB! (+5kg), 135/F

B. 5*20 GHD-Sit Ups, 60s rest
33 PB!/34/35/37/36s  = 100 GHD’s 6’57 min PB!

Some things in my life I can’t change, some I can. Decided to leave the bad stuff out and just push the training today. This is my ”exit strategy” for 5 by 5-days when the weights get too heavy. Obviously felt good to be able to get all these lifts in, hopefully 5 by 5 @ 116 will be doable next time. At 135 I was mentally drained and satisfied, just sat down with the weight and dropped it.
GHD’s felt superfast and light today. Haven’t timed 100 before, but still think it’s an ok time…

Part 2 coming up in a couple of hours, all about bodyweight work. Will be interesting to see how my pistols work after this. I hope that an extra hour of sleep right now, of course with my recovery pants on, will make things easier.





4 responses

29 03 2011

Tufft att köra 5×5 FS, förstår varför du sänkte repsne och höjde vikterna.

Grattis till de finfina resultaten, tror du har 135kg med en snällare uppladdning!

29 03 2011

Mmm, men Mikko kan ju! 😉
Tror faktiskt jag hade 135 idag med, det var inte ens tungt jag bara satte ned vikten typ…

29 03 2011
Marcus Herou

Grattis! Snyggt jobbat! Heavy is good

29 03 2011

Gracias & agree!


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