Low on energy?

23 03 2011

”Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

– Benjamin Franklin –

10.30 am, WOD Part 1

A. Technique: 5 * 2-position Power Snatch on ze minute @ 52 kg

B1. Strength/Work Capacity: Weighted Pronated Pull Ups, 5*5  @ 18kg
30s rest to B2.

B2. Box Jumps:
90cm/5, 100/3, 110/F(!), Kneeling Snatch Jumps w PVC-Pipe/3
2 min rest to B1

Something feels a bit off, might be poor nutrition or the anti-inflammatory tablets I’m eating again (diklofenak). They are however making the inflammation and swelling go down a lot so hopefully my shoulder will heal after a week on these. Haven’t done WPU in ages so took it very easy with them, could probably have done 5 by 10 with the single vest. Box Jumps on the other hand just wasn’t there. Exactly as yesterday I lack all kind of explosiveness..
Snatches felt decent though, really focused on throwing my hip open as hard as possible.

3.30 pm, WOD Part 2

20 min AMRAP:

  • 50 Unbroken Double Unders
  • 25 Unbroken* Wall Balls @ 20 lbs

Score: 6 Rounds + 50 DU’s + 6 WB’s

Really had to smack my self to not skip this weeks longer metcon, the demons gave me all kinds of excuses. Did this one when I was following OPT more than a year ago and think I did 4 rounds at that time, that said I’m not really proud of this either.
* Since I suck at WB’s I gave my self the same rules for ”Unbroken” as we do for our beginners: As long as the ball doesn’t touch the floor it’s ok.

Actually got the fourth round in consecutive fashion, but the other had 2-3 times per round where I just had to catch the ball from a failed rep. Good sweaty workout however, and healthy for me to train at my wallball-technique after the f#ck up in Fittest in Cape Town.

Rest Day tomorrow and then Throwdown Series event #2 on Friday!

OK, so I really have to look over my nutrition, think my bad chocolate cravings is a sign of not eating enough. I think that I should have at least one more meal in during the day, 5-600 extra cals, maybe I should ask the Diet-guru, Dave, cause I need to get back on track now. So if you think about the last few days, and forget about the obvious cheat in today’s NOD, wouldn’t you agree that one more high protein & fat meal has it’s place?

NOD, really didn’t wanna publish this one…

  • 10.00 10g BCAA’s, ZMA, Creatine
  • 10.30 WOD Part 1
  • 11.00 40g Whey, 20g Dried Cranberries
  • 11.30 300g Scrambled Free Range Eggs, 55g Feta Cheese with herbs, 2 big Carrots, 2 Tomatoes, 50g Blueberries
  • 14.00 20g Almonds
  • 15.00 10g BCAA’s, ZMA, Creatine
  • 15.55 40g Whey, 30g Dried Cranberries
  • 16.30 300g Free Range Chicken Breasts, 100g Olives
  • (20.45 100g Ritter Sport, again…)
  • 21.10 100g Salami, 125g Camembert






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