Sectional Open WOD #1!

18 03 2011

Full effort is full victory! So why do I keep on doing less…

Winner, winner – Meat and Chicken dinner!

3.15 pm – WOD, CrossFit Games Open Sectionals #1:

10 min AMRAP:

  • 30 Double Unders
  • 15 Power Snatches @ 75lbs/35kg
    Ground to overhead anyhow.

Score: 6 Rounds = 270p.

OK first, I’m not really disappointed with my score, I just have a feeling of not leaving it all out there, witch is something I know I have to work on. ”Competed” against Jobst and pretty fast I had an ok lead since he messed up a bit by going unbroken on the first round and then paying the price. What I don’t like here is that all that goes through my head at that point is: ”Good, just keep an even pace to stay ahead, you don’t wanna hit that wall..”. WRONG THINKING! I DO want to hit that wall! I neeeed to hit that wall, I neeeed to learn how to improve my effort in a workout.

Good wod though, my shoulders fatigued the most towards the end but it was of course mainly a condition workout. First two rounds I went 8/7 on the snatches, then 6/5/4 for two rounds, 7/5/3 on the fifth and then 5/5/5 with very little rest on the last one. Think I did the last round of snatches within the last minute. Video is on Rolands cam so will post it tomorrow. He did the show of the day by the way, his 6 rounds and 23 DU’s was very impressive stuff!

Played with the idea of re-doing this one tomorrow again, but realized that would just be for my ego, not for the greater good of my physique. Instead I plan to work on weaknesses in a couple of short metcons, maybe some 5 by 5’s in the morning and then play around with the big Tire could be something?


  • 9.45 10g BCAA’s, ZMA, Creatine, 8g Fish Oil
  • 10.00 Yoga on ze rocks in Bakoven.
  • 10.30 40g Whey, 50g Blueberries
  • 12.00 Kneads Scrambled Egg with Salmon, (was suppose to be 3 extra eggs in there but if so, there was not a single one from the beginning..).
  • 14.30 10g BCAA’s, ZMA, Creatine
  • 15.15 40g Whey, 20g Dark Chocolate, 30g Dried Cranberries
  • During the afternoon, approx. 50g raw organic Macadamians, yuuuuum…
  • 20.00 250g Free range chicken breasts, 250g Grassfed Beef, 100g Broccoli, 50g Spinach, 35g Gruyere, 20g Dark Cocolate
    Realized I’ve been eating way too little today, so why not make it a big dinner?





7 responses

19 03 2011
Sälen CF

Great work, Chris! The fouth best African man right now!

19 03 2011

Gracias boys! Haha, that’s a funny title in so many ways! 🙂

18 03 2011

Grymt jobbat Yogaman!

18 03 2011

Grym du é alltså. Själv sitter jag hemma med grymt ont i halsen och bara hoppas att jag blir bättre till på söndag då det är sista chansen att göra woden.

18 03 2011

Not sooo grym kompis, men tack!
Krya på dig och se till att åtminstone få någon typ av score så attdu fortfarande är med i hela tävlingen oavsett vad du siktar på! 😛

18 03 2011
Marcus Herou

I need to buy some BCAA… Great work but I bet that I will see some water drinking in the video ?

18 03 2011

Get EAA instead it’s even better, cant find it down here..
Hehehe, dude water drinking, telling my judge to count in a certain way, atleast 15s to get out of my compressionstyle t-shirt – wanted to ask you: HOW do u keep it on, I just cant breath after a few minutes!?


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