Maybe I should check my notes…

16 03 2011

11.30 am, WOD Part 1

A. Push Press, 5*5 @ 75 kg
180s rest between sets

B. Back Extensions, 4*15

In my mind, I used 84kg last time I did this. Wanted to try the same so went for the first set and failed on the 5th. Went down to 75 and finished 4 more sets quite easily. OH-pos isn’t 100% but just to be able to get it up there is an improvement. Goal for the 6 week cycle was to get up to 93 for 5 by 5, will see if I really can go for 84 next time two weeks from now.

Plan was originally to do Deadlifts today, but with the last two days workload in my lower back I was almost not able to get out of bed today. Probably could pushed through, but risking hefty over training is not part of the plan right now. BE’s was enough to make everything cramp up anyway, will be interesting to see what I can do tonight when I have planned to first do Cape CrossFit’s metcon from yesterday with heavy KBS and then hopefully get a spot at the 5.30 class for a second metcon approx. 10 mins later.

Oh, they released the first workout for the CrossFit Games Open SectionalsLooking forward to smash this one on Saturday!






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