Running good?

14 03 2011

”The mile has all the elements of drama.”

Sir Roger Bannister

11am WOD, Part 1

A. 5 rounds of 3-pos Snatch on ze minute @ 43 kg
High hang, mid hang, knee
B1. Snatch High Pulls, 5*5 @ 61kg
30s to B2.
B2. Hand stand to forward roll, 5-5-3-3-3
120s to B1.

Active Rest 20 min

C. Run a mile for time:

6’11 min, PB!

First time snatching in what, 6 weeks? Weirdly enough dynamic, explosive movements doesn’t hurt at all, while warming up dynamic stretches do..
Some handstands was actually quite ok, others I just slammed down on my back when trying to roll out. Overall, gooood feeling to be loading up the shoulder a bit again and also to be back at doing some gymnastics. Step by step is the motto here…

Roland had this time trial in his new programming so I decided to give him some help. Never ran the mile for time before so it’s a stretch to call it a PB, however I am more than pleased with my time. Actually the first round just over 800m took me 3’29, meaning that the second one was around 2’42 witch leaves me very confident about getting a sub 2’30min 800m any day!
Didn’t know how hard I could go out so just set a tempo to witch I could keep my POSE-stride and then with 600m to go I just kept on speeding up. Was fully recovered after a minute and felt that I had a lot more to give, my legs didn’t get taxed at all(!), so all in all: ajj laaaaajk! 😉

The real test for the shoulder will probably come tonight when it’s time for ”Graceful Cindy” again. Have no clue what to expect of my self, just know the push ups will probably be more limiting now then 3 months ago.





One response

14 03 2011
Marcus Herou

Cool runnings!


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