Recovery, Recap & Re-planning!

7 03 2011

”That’s the past, I don’t agree with retrospect.”

– Steve Carlton.

FiCT - Mens top 5!

I always get a feeling of emptiness after a competition. You focus so long for that one day to come, and then all of a sudden it’s over.

Had so much fun, made new friends, burned a lot of good memories in to the memory bank and in the end, I have to be content with my performance. That said, there’s always things to improve and even though I prefer to look forward, here is what I take with me from the Fittest in Cape Town 2011.

  • Event 1 – 12 min amrap of Jump Ropes, OH Walking Lunges, KBS, Run: 3rd place 4075p, (Winner Neil: 5000p).
    Made a game plan, followed it thoroughly and reaped the reward of being only 10m WL’s and the 100m run after Neil, (1000p given per full round), witch I am very happy with.
  • Event 2 – 5rm Deadlifts + 3 set PU’s for reps in 7 min, 2nd place 229p, (Winner Grant: 232p).
    Made a game plan, didn’t follow it at all and messed up my best chance of winning an event. Grant had a huge deadlift of 201kg for 5, so still nothing but a well deserved win for him!
  • Event 3 – 375m Row, 50 WB’s, 375m Row: 7th place 6’09 min, (Winner Neil: 4’55 min).
    Didn’t really have a game plan, was over amped, lost my head and couldn’t focus at all. Biggest disappointment of the day obviously and I had to take a good 45 min on my own after this to clear my head.
  • Event 4 – ”Last man standing”, Death by lateral burpees & Thrusters, 2nd place 10 rounds + 11/9, (Winner Craig: 11 full rounds).
    Coolest moment of the day in the last round when basically all the guys from CCF was screaming, cheering me on, counting my reps and as it felt like, almost lifting that bar for me in the end! Had goose bumps even though I was sweating madly, awesomeness at it’s best…

Places – 1st: Neil, 9p / 2nd: Julian, 10p / 3rd: Me, 14p

Conclusion: I really need a game plan for every event, and stick with it! I am pleased with my capacity at this stage as I feel confident that it will increase a lot if I just do what I have to do and approach it a little more healthy over the coming months.
I am a notorious over achiever, witch gives me both ups and downs, but I know this now and should be smart enough to put my own training on a level that my body can handle.
I’m going to plan a little less volume, still not low for sure, well thought programming where I do not overload any part of me when there’s no reason, and also a even more focused way of life when it comes to my ambitions as a CrossFitter.
I have my goals in sight and I can’t be happy with not being all that I would be if I would go the extra mile when it comes to diet, sleep, and choice of lifestyle in general. For some of you, this might seem like I’m turning even more boring. For me, it’s something I really want to do, so don’t try to get in my way…

Obviously, body never feels healthy after a day like this, but that I was gonna be this messed up today wasn’t part of the plan. Actually, even though being a bit tight, legs and back feels ok, but I got that insanely painfully ”light rabhdo”, (my words), back in my arms and it just get’s worse by the hour. But hey, the coming week is meant to be a recovery week with no CF-training anyway so I just have to suck it up and try to stay motivated enough to know that the rest is exactly what I need.
Probably won’t be posting for a week or so, if I don’t come over any fun videos or photos from the competition that is, but rest assure that I will come back stronger and hungrier than ever within soon!

Here are some pics from Saturday, thank you Ellie!!


The fittest people in Cape Town!

First Event!

Lunging infront of Lions Head is a decent start to any day.


Me and Neil preparing for the 3rd event.

Comment of the day: Chris looks like a badly wrapped christmas present! (Warming up for the last event).

Ego pic of the day...

A huge congratulations to all the athletes competing, think everybody outperformed their highest dreams, a huge thanks to all the people coming out to cheer us on and hopefully getting motivated along the way.
Also, to all you guys reading and commenting here, thank you! It helped me a lot to know that I had some people on the other side of the world holding me accountable for my performance and of course supporting me through out the day, I’m truly grateful to have all of this in my life.





4 responses

9 03 2011

Va kul det såg ut att tävla, nästan så man blev lite sugen!

9 03 2011

Hehe, det var ju bara för att du såg roddmaskinen där! 😉

Se till att göra Sectionals passen oavsett vad du har för intentions med att tävla etc, annars blir jag besviken!

7 03 2011
Marcus Herou

Nu är det bara att ösa i 6veckor till 🙂

7 03 2011

Yep, motivated = check, awsome job!


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