The big Three Oooh!

3 03 2011

You know you’re getting old when it takes twice as long to look half as good…

Luckily enough, I still feel like I’m in my early 20’s, so let’s keep it like that ok?

10 am, WOD, Tapering for Fittest in Cape Town!

A. Butterfly Pull Ups, 3*15
3 min active rest between sets

B. 4 * 25 Speed Double Unders, (30s):
12s, 15, 11, 11

C. 3 * 10 Speed Burpees, (90s) :
21s, 20, 19, 19

First time with kipping PU’s in like a month, felt surprisingly good! Now, if I had waited one more hour, I would have known what the Second Event of the FiCT is made of, (see further down), and would probably have done fewer reps. Don’t think it will effect to much though.
DU’s felt really great, burpees not so great. Can’t even do a proper push up with my left side, but Heureka(!), if I do the burpee falling down to my right and basically just touching with the right side of the chest it’s actually working quite fast and doesn’t hurt too much!

For the competition event now being released, I can’t complain: ”Within 7 minutes: establish 5RM Deadlift and add three best sets of Pull Ups to your total score!”
I have my plan pretty clear and if I don’t mess up I think my pull ups should give me an advantage over most guys here. That said, nothing is done until it’s done…

So, what do one do when turning 30? Well, as said, all the focus is on Saturday right now. Up early, yoga on my favorite rock, training my self and others, some wonderful needling in the neck, doing a class and a couple of great Basics Courses and soon, after 0,5kg of grass fed beef, I’m going to bed. Couldn’t wish for more, and I rather celebrate any day of life when the timing is right than doing it just cause my calender tell me to.

But, even though I keep pretending it’s just another day, (while looking in the mirror for grey hairs and having trouble remembering what I did just a few hours ago), I do appreciate everybody that has reminded me of just how old I actually am today.
On a serious note, a BIG thank you! 🙂







12 responses

4 03 2011

Grattis!! dubbelt upp, att få bli 30 pannor och att axeln håller. Livet leker…följ upp med kross på den kommande tävligen nu som en bra present oxå….

4 03 2011

Thx, will do! =)

4 03 2011
Sälen CF

Grattis Chris!!

4 03 2011

Gracias amigo!

3 03 2011
Pappa Hugo

GRATTIS! Cristian önskar pappa Nicole och Maria, hoppas du får en fin dag när du fyller 30 vi längtar efter dig hör av dig när du kan en jättekrammmmm jag älskar dig.

4 03 2011

Tack, tack, tack – saknar er med!

3 03 2011
Marcus Herou

Jepp en axel i ska det va! Skönt att det verkar gå åt rätt håll med axeln.

Grattis 30 är ingen lek, tänk snart får du kalla dig 30+ och gå på Sargasso och Golden Hits 🙂 Fira dubbelt på lördag!

4 03 2011

Tack & Ouch, Golden är ju roligare när man kan gå dit som lammkött… 😉

3 03 2011

Jävlar, har det redan gått 1 år? Och jag som inte hade någon chokladtårta till dig den här gången 😉 Grattis!
Du får göra dina burpees mackie-style! 🙂

4 03 2011

Hehe, jag minns det som igår, dock hyfsat tacksam över att inte ha det där chokladmonstret i kylen! 😀

3 03 2011

Grattis junior!

4 03 2011

Thx amigo!


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