Short tapering note.

2 03 2011

Need to roll on my precious ball and go to sleep so here’s my WOD!

1.30 pm

A. Power Clean, 2-2-2:
84kg/2, 93/1+F+F(?), 93/2

B. Two rounds for speed:

  • 5 Thrusters @ 52 kg
  • 10 Power Cleans @ 52 kg
  • 16 OH-Lunges with 9 lbs plate
    4 min rest

1’16 + 1’05 min

Power Clean was a bit ugly but got up quite easy the second time. ”Metcon” shows it’s just about moving patterns, good to have the second round so much faster. Body feels fine, trying pull ups for the first time in weeks tomorrow, please hold…






One response

2 03 2011
Marcus Herou



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