Low impact, high intensity, monstrous levels of pain…

28 02 2011

”You just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made, but I just kept pushing.”

– Rene Descartes.

Pain, pain, pain…

10 am, WOD Part 1 – Lions Head for Time: 33 min…

Felt quite strong today, weirdly enough my calves gave up quite early and I couldn’t really push through. Still kept a high pace and the Cape Town heat made me sweat litres. As always, very rewarding and all worth it on the top..

2.30 pm, WOD Part 2 – 5 Rounds For Time:

  • 5 Deadlifts @ 111 kg
  • 10 Dumbell Push Presses @ 2*20 kg
  • 200m Row

Times: 1’16 min, 1’17, 1’17, 1’20, 1’28

Ouff! This was way harder and more painful than the ”five quite easy sprint rounds” that I had in mind. Row was what really smoked me as usual. Kept it pretty fast in the first two rounds, basically around 1’25/500m straight through, but then I just couldn’t stay there for long.
Good feeling to be pushing over head again, weirdly enough that works while pushups etc is totally out of the question right now. More needling done, felt better then before the weekend, and then I got some big, weird ”anti-inflammatory patches” that I’m hoping will help in the healing process. And hey, they smell like eucalyptus, always something… 😉

Less and less volume throughout the week, starting with a full recover day tomorrow. I will be fit for fight on Saturday, I will be fit for fight on Saturday, I will be….





4 responses

1 03 2011

Grymt pass! Kan bara tänka mig hur den känns efter lite bergsbestigning.
Har försökt mig på knäböj efter 2h march träning… Vilket funkade sådär 😉

1 03 2011

Ja ouff, får skylla på hiken för benen ville verkligen inte va med… 😉

28 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Dl row = hammies?

Seem like a decent workout

Hmm db PP, need more of those

1 03 2011

More quads actually but that might be cause of the previous activities and Throwdown. Like the dumbells, and ofcourse anything different is good!


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