Throwdown Series, Event 1!

27 02 2011

”The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it..”

– Sydney J.Harris.

Compilation of the wod, whole video will be posted within a couple of hours since Ralf’s camera was way better handled then mine. Thanks Jobst! 😉

4.30 pm – WOD, Throwdown Series, Event 1


  • 50 Wall Balls
    Then, 3 Rounds of:
  • 30 Double Unders
  • 15 Toes To Bar
  • 10 Front Squats @ 135 lbs

IMMIDEATLY AFTER, 3 mins to establish Max Clean!

Time: 10’03 min, Clean: 93 kg

Even though my time isn’t very impressive, this was a good receipt for me! I’ve been resting for two days and taken a lot of good care of my shoulder. Today I did mobility and iced it in the morning and I’ve basically spent every night lying on the painball from hell. What is so good about this is that even though it still is very stiff, it didn’t hurt during or swell afterward the workout. Icing as we speak, so hopefully I won’t experience any setbacks tomorrow.

As for the WOD, I am pretty satisfied with how I gamed it. WB’s was a disaster in the beginning with me missing 6 or 7 reps(!) out of the first 25 just out of pure inexperience, my technique sucked! Got it straight in the end and was not taxed when I got to the triplet. Even though I should be at least a minute faster on the entire wod, I am happy with my slow pacing. I knew I had more to give all the time but kept it back to make sure I didn’t hit any wall. May sound like a chicken to you, but for me this is good stuff right now. Only thing I’m not happy with is the last T2B’s witch I broke very unecessarily at 10 reps, could have shaved some time there. Of course I was tired in the end, but as said I should be able to go faster all in all.
For the clean, won’t use excuses so let’s just state that I did safety lifts on purpose to be sure I got them…

Anyway, how could I not be expecting a decent result after such a perfect day loading up to the wod? Mobility in the morning, followed by a super nice breakfast in Muizenberg with Jobst and his family (thanks a lot guys!), my very first visit to the beautiful Nordhook Beach, and then not to forget, the 1kg of ribs that gave me enough energy for the workout!
Awsome day all in all, now it’s time for some meaningless DVD action, (is there any such by the way?), and some hours of pain on the ball.

I also wanna do a very special shout out to my very special and wonderful sister, Amanda, that has her birthday today. Would give a whole lot to be there with you right now, in my heart I always am!





11 responses

28 02 2011

Grymt jobbat!…

28 02 2011

Tack, try it out den var rolig! 🙂

1 03 2011

Japp grymt surt, jag såg den först på någon utav din, Daves eller Markus bloggar och då var det för sent, hade gärna velat varit med på denna faktiskt…

1 03 2011

Hey man, det är inte försent. De räknar de tre bästa eventen per atlet så om du gör de följande så kan du fortfarande tävla!
Dessutom, du kan ju faktiskt köra denna ändå, träning som träning… 🙂

28 02 2011

Lätt frivändning som du säger!
Däremot måste det vara ett rejält såsande och vattendrickande mellan seten då du körde ju allt så gott som obrutet?

28 02 2011

Hehe, jo det hade nog gått med mer i vändningen en annan dag. Såsande? Pacing ftw! 😀

28 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Förbannade vattendrickande. När mina adepter dricker vatten under wod så är det reprimand direkt 😉

1 03 2011

Hehehe, men här var det ju faktiskt planerad pacing. 13 minuter utan vatten? Hemska tanke…

27 02 2011

Wow. Nice one; very humbling for me! Glad you had a great day and can’t wait to see you smash the competition on Saturday.


28 02 2011

Hey, we all have our strengths and goats so don’t worry. Looking fwd to Sat! 😛

28 02 2011

True! Actually to be quite honest I was a little concerned about my ability to clean that 43kg bar when tired so, hey, I had some mini-victories. Also my toes-to-bar are much improved over like 2 months ago. But hey onward and upward, always!


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