Deload, Active Rest, Tapering or just Laziness?

24 02 2011

”If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.”

– Carl Lewis.

Movement Standards for Fittest in Cape Town!

Since my own workout video today was so lame, this is way more fun to watch!

11.30 am, WOD

A1. Clean High Pull, 3-3-3-3-3:
61kg/3, 70/3, 79/3, 79/3, 79/3
30s rest
A2. False Grip L-Ring Pull Ups, to sternum, 5 * 90% of max reps:
8, 5, 5, 5, 5
120s rest to A1

B. Row sprints, 5 * 20 sec (rest like you feel to):
Average 500m: 1’29.6, 1’28.4, 1’28.4, 1’28.4, 1’25.4

Not surpisingly, my clean setup felt way off. Haven’t done any OL for 2,5 weeks so guess I have to take that. Dave actually mailed me before I posted this and told me he thinks I too could have a better ”leg drive”, make so much sense.
Wanted to do MU-transitions but shoulder, shoulder, shoulder…
For the row, it was actually meant to be a Tabata, but for some reason I ”forgot” how to set the rower for more than one interval. Anyway, did 5 sprints and it’s just ridiculous that I had to have Jobst over my shoulder to actually do some work, the last one obviusly.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t call my self lazy after just been finishing a four hour straight shift at the box. Intro session, class and then a double Basic Course and as always I don’t even think about it as anything but pure fun. What I’m getting sick and tired of, is me letting my self of easy. I keep on making excuses in my head, ”bah, don’t go for max let the shoulder be you alibi” etc, etc. And that is just damn disturbing. Yes, I agree, rest could be smart and I promise to take the entire day off from training tomorrow, BUT if I’m gonna try to train I can at least do it full hearted.

On another note, or maybe it was the first note considering the video above, anyway, Fittest in Cape Town! It’s been in my aim for months and I refuse to make any kind of injury an excuse for not making my self justice there. Like the mighty Carl Lewis, I will be confident and smash through that competition like it was a dark chocolate piece on a Sunday!
That said, I know the people showing up will bring it as well, so it will be a very interesting chase for the title. I truly like what Jobst has done with the format. Easy movements to perform, judge and watch. However, I doubt there will be anything easy about the rep scheme, weights or how the events will be put together. To this day nobody except the creator himself knows them, exactly as it should be – prepared for the unprepared you know.
It will be a competition displaying work capacity and general fitness skills now that any kind of ”advanced movement” is out of play, I think that is awsome! Everybody will be able to do every exercise and biggest heart, body and soul will prevail.

Went to Dr. Stuart today and needling, I mean needless, to say it was painful. Drove my scooter back to the box with one arm and could barely move the other because of that cramping infraspinatus. Of course, he thought it would be a good idea to do it again asap, back tomorrowmorning it is…





4 responses

24 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Damn shoulders, at least your legs will be B.I.G! But hey if you cannot pushing why don’t you just row a little more 😉

24 02 2011

Not much to do, my own fault..
Im gonna squat a ton and row like a slave soon! 😉

24 02 2011

Very sad about your shoulder, hopefully the needles and rest will take care of it. Nice with ”Fittest in Cape Town”….

24 02 2011

It will have to, I’m Meant to do this competition man! 😛


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