Deload and a PB

18 02 2011

”Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.”

– Groucho Marx.

Forgot my cam, so why not review one of my fav-pics lately - I desperately need to get up on a mountain soon again...

11 am, WOD

A1. Good Mornings, 5*8 @ 61 kg
30s rest
A2. L-Sit, 5*max: 8s (!), 10, 10, 10, 12
120s rest

B. ”Flight Simulator”, Unbroken Double Unders: 5/10/15…45/50/45/40…./10/5

Time: 11’25 min PB! (-57 s).

Well, trying to be smart and not let the Devil on my shoulder be right. He keeps on wispering: ”come oooon just a few pressing or pulling movements? Don’t be so lame, do ONE push ups at least, or practice a little bit of butterfly technique, pleeeeeeaaaaseee!”…

Good mornings was obviusly light, but oh so painful, my hammies are just toast. What happened with the L-sit? Uh, my quads was barely able to get me in to the position where my feet are over the front parallette, guess I should be happy with getting any kind of work in here.

For the flight sim, I was so pissed off after finishing. Never really pushed it, took it super slow in the middle part and yet I made so many clumsy misstakes. On 25 on the way down I missed 3(!) times, without being out of breath. Sweated hard, but no way near being taxed enough to excuse the misses. That said, I am in retrospect quite satisfied with this. 100% sure I can get it down under 10 mins whenever I try again with a little more focus, and that is where I should be.

Did over an hour of shoulder mobility work in the afternoon, witch actually worked fine. Hopefully I’m well enough to do the Challenge tomorrow as planned!





5 responses

19 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Bra där!

18 02 2011

Hua, jag läste det först som att du satt 120 sek i L-sit… Det skrämde mig.

18 02 2011

Hahahaha, I wish! 😛

18 02 2011

Förstår varför nu dock, raden hoppade ner tydligen…

18 02 2011

Förstår varför nu dock, raden hoppade ner tydligen…


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