17 02 2011

Oh My God, was basically all I could say during. Did Not Finish, was what I did in the middle & Laughing Out Loud, was what I was doing when I couldn’t even demo the excercises for the Basics Course, after the workout…

Gooood calories, probably excactly what my body needs right now!

4.30 pm, WOD Part 2, Rowing workout from hell!
”Thanks” Dave

Tempo: Every interval is to be kept sub 1’45 min/500 m.

  • 250m Row, average tempo: 1’43.5 min/500 m
    90s rest
  • 500m Row: 1’43.8
    180s rest
  • 750m Row: 1’44.1
    270s rest
  • 1000m Row: DNF!! (Kept sub 1’45 for 750m then just gave up..).
    360s rest
  • 750m Row: 1’44.8
    270s rest
  • 500m Row: 1’43.9
    180s rest
  • 250m Row: 1’29.7

OK, first let’s just make one thing clear: none of the below is any kind of excuse. It’s just facts of how much I suck at rowing.
That said, this was easily one of the top three worst workouts I’ve ever done, I was throwing up in my mouth after all of the three last rounds. The last one very self inflicted however, very smart to go for max there amigo…

Already from the beginning, I started making excuses in my head: ”Oh, my legs are so tired from the first part today. Oh, my arms are cramping from the Pendlays earlier, etc, etc..”
When I then got to the 1k I actually had my mind set on getting it done. When I couldn’t straighten my arms after 500m, I knew it was going to hurt a lot more. When I got to 750m, that was the point where all the panic in my body kept me from keeping the split and sadly enough I just dropped the handle.
All in all, I am however very satisfied with 1. having rowed 3’750m and 2. the fact that I didn’t give up, but finished the wod after all.

Another one on my never ending list of ”re-do-wods”, but I am definitely doing this soon again with a full conviction of that I can make it all the way through!

After these two weeks of shoulder problems I’ll probably have the strongest lower body in the world, or maybe just gonna end up being the most overtrained dummy out there. In one way I can definitely see improvement though, and I think that the volume put on my legs now will pay of greatly if I just keep on recovering and taking care of my body in between.





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18 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Usch. Nä jag tror jag kör 250m rodd istället…. En gång…

17 02 2011

Varför inte strypattack nu?
Bra tempo alla ronder, pass 1 hade du nog fixat det. Fan vad jag led när jag fixade 1:48! Jag tror Jon har gjort den här på typ 1:37 eller något :S

17 02 2011


17 02 2011

Hahahahahahaha, kom inte och säg att jag inte varnade dig? Du läste väl mitt inlägg om det? Som en lite spoiler till nästa gång, den andra 750m är värst… 🙂

Kan dock inte ta åt mig hela äran då det var Jon som serverade mig den fantastiskt välsmakande rätten!

17 02 2011

Hehe, well min andra 750 var värst, problemet var att den skulle vart 1km.. 😉
Gemensam strypattack på Jon i sommar mao!


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