How about some more Squats?

17 02 2011

”To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.”

– Buddha.

First and last sets!

11 am WOD, Part 1 – ”Work Capacity”

A1. Back Squats (1+1/4), 5*5 @ 111kg
30s rest
A2. Pendlay Rows, 5*5 @ 93 kg
120s rest

So, decreasing the rest between 1 & 2 has really increased the perception of conditioning for these work outs, just as I want it to. Happy with the setup and the stability of my Squats, not happy with the first quarter squat in the last few sets. Not sure if there’s any ”rules” for ROM here, but for me it makes sense to at least get up to the ”sticking point” under control and then be explosiv in the re-dip and full squat?
Pendlays not excactly heavy, but obviusly helped increasing the heartrate with this shorter rest.

Good workout, my piriformis & glutes med, (basicly outer parts of my ass), is super tight now. Not so surprising considering all I’m doing right now is hip extension, hip extension and some more hip extensions… 😉
Will be back in the box soon again to do Dave’s crazy row-wod, total of 4k row is probably more than I have ever done before. Besides knowing me, you guys shouldn’t be surprised when I say that I obviusly aim for an average of sub 1’45/500m over the entire wod, probably way to hard but hey, overachiever is my middle name!






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