Out of imagination?

10 02 2011

”If my mind can conceive it, and my heart believe it, than I can achieve it.”

– Jesse Jackson.

Just a few reps and the only broken set...

5 pm – WOD 2

Light Metcon, AMRAP 10 min, UNBROKEN:

  • 25 DU’s
  • 10 GHD’s
  • 10 Back Extensions

Result: 5 rounds + 7 BE.

What can I possibly do when my shoulder doesn’t approve of any kind of work where my arm is loaded over head? Was thinking of GHD-Annie, but since I got a few reps in Tuesday, I didn’t wanna over-do them today. I suck at amraps so thought this was a good idea. Made it harder on my self by doing the BE’s with arms bent and locked over head, slowed me down a bit since that was the hardest part of the wod. Not too satisfied with the numbers, but at least I tried to separate my metcon from my other work and that felt good. Tomorrow I really hope my shoulder will be better, what could I do otherwise? Any ideas are welcome.. 😉





3 responses

10 02 2011
Marcus Herou

You can always row 🙂

10 02 2011

Death by beach runs campsbay. Sub 3:15 vila 3min mellan varje tills du inte klarar mer?

10 02 2011

Good suggestion, unfortenately I have to be in the gym doing my wod in the morning so will think of something. Might run there actually! 😛


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