Swimming Notes

4 02 2011

”While I’m swimming, I sing songs in my mind.”

– Alexandr Popov.

Sweet Sea Point Pool!

10.15 am, ca 25 min Swimming.

  • Total Distance: 800m
  • 14 laps Free Style & 2 Breast Stroke
  • 2 * 50m / 10 breaths / 50 m

While I’m swimming, I’m trying not to drown…

Slowly getting more relaxed in the water. Trying to slow down my free style as much as possible to save energy. Breast strokes I get in there to try to find a strong ”gliding position” with as few strokes as possible per lap. Tried a lengt with 3 strokes free style per breath, almost died. Sounds ridicilous, but I really am a novice when it comes to this element. Next week I’ll increase distance to 1000m and try to get a few 100m ”unbroken” in there. No rush, all about getting the technique better and better…

Still a bit sore from the hike, but no more resting. 5 by 5’s and a dreadfull rowing/burpee combo coming up.






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