1 02 2011

”I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.”

– Drew Barrymore.

First & Last round, fun wod!

3pm WOD

A. WU, from

  • 10 Kips, Pronated
  • 10 Kips, Supinated
  • 10 Kips, Mixed grip (5/5).

B. 5 * 5 of:
120s between excercises.

  • Front Squats, 97 kg
  • Muscle Ups

C. 5 Rounds for Time, video above:

  • 5 Back Squats @ BW, 79kg
  • 5/5 T2B/CTB
  • 15 Box Jumps, 60 cm
    60s rest between rounds

Round Times: 60s/56/59/57/59

D. 5 rounds GHDs, (90s):
20/20/20/15/10/10 (Meant to do 5*20 but opted to slow it down and do the two last sets really slow instead).

Felt quite smashed when starting my warm up, but in the end I definitely could have used more weights for the FS. Muscle Ups focus today was on using a minimal kip and trying to perfect my transition. Could have left the dip part out cause my elbows took a beating, hopefully it won’t be too bad for the rest of the week. Feels good to get 5 sets unbroken here.

First time I’ve done alternating T2B and PUs, little awkward but also very functional and I bet it really helps your body controll. Very surprised that I managed to keep this tempo for all rounds, could have tried heavier BS, but I think I’ve never done a metcon before where my first round is the slowest!

Have been eating more lately, (as you can see in the video, hehe), to make sure my body has more than enough energy to recover for this high volume programme, still I wonder how I will feel after three weeks of this considering how sore I was this morning.
Also, will be quite interesting to see how my legs feel before, during and after climbing Table Mountain tomorrow morning after all these squats. Obviusly my recovery pants are on right now, doubt it will be enough though…





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3 02 2011

Vill kopiera din backsquat teknik, kan jag skicka ner en diskett? 😉

Såg lite knöligt ut att saxa ttb och kpu:erna, annars skoj WOD och bra genomförd as usual..

3 02 2011

Hehe, så bra är den nog inte men jag har blivit väldigt bekväm med den iaf!
Första ggn jag provade att mixa de där två, riktigt klurigt, blev något bättre, men kräver mkt mer träning.. 😉

2 02 2011
Marcus Herou

But there are as many ways to a strong body as there are athletes so if it ”feels” good then it is good! Nah it should feel bad but in a good way 😉

Think it was wise to mix the MU’s with the FS since you get way more rest between muscle groups but wondering what happen with the muscles when blood are needed elsewhere every two minutes?

2 02 2011

Agree and that was something I was thinking about, however now the focus is on getting more total work done (heavier weights in less time kind of) and not really getting stronger even if that would be a nice by product.. 😉
Was asking my self the same u did though, upper and lower in the same session? Well, guess I can tell you in a couple of weeks!

1 02 2011
Marcus Herou

High Volume?

1 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Gut gut! Ser en del verkningsgrad tappas i BJ men inte så tokigt. Landa på tå, använd vaden och studsa upp. Nu liksom drar du fötterna snabbt efter dig upp, ser ut som du tappar lite rytm. Det enda jag är bra på är Bj…

5 x 5 på FS @ 97 är grymt bra. Bröstrygg ?

2 02 2011

Haha, ok compared to your programme I guess it’s not so much, but 5*5 is very taxing on the system amigo.. 😉
No problems with the squats at all, for box jumps I do them better without the lifting shoes, no excuse, but want to be able to jump with them as well!

2 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Yup and you should try my shoes, they are stiff as hell. Adidas is better in that sense. Yup 5×5 are ”taxing” as hell or boring? Nah sorry but I rule out 5×5 due to the metcon volume and use something like 5-3-1-1-1 or 2-2-2-2-2 really heavy instead. Reason is not to get ”time under tension” which you get with 5×5 since that is already achieved at rep 16 in Elizabeth 😉 Bytw it is Robban the strong guy who is certain that we do not need 5’s, keep it to 3’s and below are his words.

So to conclude: Heavy as hell few rep SWOD and high rep metcon = my body like

But today is the DL-ladder which is 4×5 so not following my own rules 100% 🙂

2 02 2011

Rules are meant to be broken.. If 5by5’s work for Mikko, I’m willing to try.. 😉

2 02 2011
Marcus Herou

Yep but Mikko never do 1RM’s.

5×5 works, it is proven thousand times but more important is that it seems to work for you! Just saying that for me it is too much of a problem mentally with 5’s. I’d rather do 1 x 20 sets than doing 5 x 4 sets 🙂

1 02 2011

Bara bra att du inte gick tyngre, du har ju mer pass på dig!
Såg ut som ett riktigt bra pass rakt igenom, bra återhämtning på metcon-delen!
Visst sved de där långsamma GHD-situpsen bra?

1 02 2011

True, true. Blir kul att se om man kan få upp 5*5 på nuvarande 5rm vikt om ett par veckor! 😉
Dude, dem brände satan och av erfarenhet vet jag oxå att de är värst när det gäller kommande träningsvärk, uack….

1 02 2011
sarah Grey

fan va bra du e!

1 02 2011

Nämen hejsan! Inte än men jag jobbar på det, tack dock! 😛


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