Feeling off, but a PB nonetheless.

28 01 2011

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.

– Shaquille O´Neal

9.30 am – Hike @ The Pipe Track, 2h Total.

5.30 pm – Cape CrossFit WOD

A. Power Clean, 2-2-2-2-2:
43kg/2, 61/2, 84/2, 93/2 PB!

(B. ”Elisabeth” – Did not start..).

Brought Jobst with me on my scooter this morning, and of course we had an awsome time. Fresh blueberries, dried mango, raw organic nuts and obviusly some dark chocolate made up for a perfect cave breakfast!

However, already on the hike I felt a bit off in my body, and that did shine through when it was time to work out. Started out very light and technique felt ok considering I haven´t been doing any Olympic lifting this week. Not so surprising that 93kg was a PB, it was like 2 years old.. 😉
Anyway, body felt stiff, elbows started to aich a bit and altough the 93 lifts where light (think I can easily do this with 100..), I did wrestle around the bar a bit so I decided to play it by ear and stop. Finished off with some pancaking and revers hypers instead and since this is suppose to be my deload week, I feel like I did the right thing.

Gonna see how body feels tomorrow morning, knowing that the box wod tomorrow is awsome and something I could really benefit from I really hope I can do it!

Oh, not to forget!  Today I got to coach the very first ”Advanced Competition Class” at CCF and that was just awsome! Focus on perfecting technically hard excercises and maybe prepare some of our more experienced athletes for competition is something that I just right away can tell I will love doing.
Today we focused on the strict muscle up progression, whitch everybody improved a lot, and then finished it off with doing ”Elisabeth” where I asked the members to look into their strategy, (we had touch based on that in the intro), and then scale the weight enough to make the 12 min cap I put out there. Everybody did an awsome job and I must say I was very pleased with how much the ring dip positioning improved after all the muscle up work!

Already looking forward to next weeks advanced class as I am sure we will progress to a better concept each week!





5 responses

30 01 2011

Agree, your form wasnt the best. But, hey that’s why wer’e doing this you know! 😉
Elisabeth, almost rx’d? Sorry, but I think it will always be a #@$@# of a wod.

Might be something to consider, at the same time we want it to be very accesible to the athletes..
Gonna send u guys an email with some feedback and let u have your say!

29 01 2011

Thx Chris, you are a great coach. Looking forward to training with you when my CNS is not trashed…

29 01 2011

Thx Ellie, I wouldn’t say I am yet but I do aspire to become one!

You did great, gonna work a bit more on your receiving point in the clean and then it’s all gonna be good… =)

29 01 2011

My form was terrible and I was very tired. Cause, effect … in a way, can’t wait for these trail races to be over! That workout was way harder than it should have been at that weight, but, that’s life.

Anyway you’ll be great. Can’t wait for next week. You may want to consider extending the classes to 90 minutes, though (says the girl who was late for 4:30….).

28 01 2011

Smart val! Det hade varit väldigt jobbigt att göra om Elizabeth då du inte hade varit nöjd med tiden 🙂 Vila restan av avlastningsveckan, nästa utmaning är ganska snäll.


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