Back in the pool

27 01 2011

The water is your friend.  You don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.

-Aleksandr Popov

Could think of worse places to getting some active resting in…

9.30 am – Active rest: 500m mixed swimming

Ok, that russian swimmer is clearly delusional, and trying to call this ”active rest”, apparently so am I. Didn’t spend much time to warm up, but still one should think I should be able to handle more than one lap in the 50 meter pool before panting hard and taking a sitting break on the break. After 6 laps in that fashion, trying out both my free style and breast stroke, we went for 200m ”unbroken”. Yes, I’m a CrossFit nerd, the rest of you would probably just call it a 200m swim. Anyway, went really slow and tried to make each stroke as long as possible and really ”glide”. Went ok actually even though I was quite pumped when finishing. 500m was more than enough considering I haven’t been in the water for quite a while now…

However, the setting at the outdoor pool in Sea Point is so amazing! Can’t believe I have never gone here before, but from now on the plan is to get here at least one morning per week. What you can’t see on the picture above is that the pool is litterally located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, pinned in between that and Lions Head makes the scenery more than meditational if you ask me.

I am one of those who think that the now regurarly coming posts in the CrossFit Journal about swimming technique should be taken as a hint. It probably wont come up in neither the Sectionals nor Regionals, but I’m guessing we will se some half drowning athletes in the CrossFit Games this year. My plan is to try to get in the technique sessions from the Journal and add some volume a la CrossFit Endurance the coming weeks. Even if I would be wrong, I don’t think it will hurt me to become a better swimmer, and even as much as I suck at it, I actually enjoy it.





4 responses

28 01 2011

I think it’s been a convience issue, but as much as they put it in the CFJ now it would be weird if not some swimming shows up!
That should totally motivate him, is there anything he’s not good at? 😛

28 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Yep I have been thinking about why swimming is left out from CF. As well Jonas Flank who was one of Swedens best swimmers. Perhaps these news can motivate him to push it harder towards the games 😉

27 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Thrusters in shoulder deep water?

28 01 2011



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