I don’t wanna be a rower no more.

26 01 2011

Sometimes I do what I want to do, most of the time I do what I have to do..

– Cicero, Gladiator.

Morning WOD felt pretty much like this...

9.45 am 7 Rounds of 250m Row/90s rest:

Total Time: 14’29 min – (1750m rowing, 5’29 min).

Luckily enough, the things I don’t want to do, somehow turns into the things I do want to do. It’s all about getting better, so I should welcome my goats as my friends since they’re bringing my physical chain’s total strength up, right?

Dream level for this one would have been to keep every round sub 45 sec, survival mode helped me to at least not drop over 50. Should definitely be able to go faster in the first 2-3 rounds, but just as last time, my legs just gave up. Think I was somewhere around 20s after Jobst, who kept every round except one sub 45!! As smoked as I was after this, arms screaming, head spinning, etc, I still like this weeks setup. Low volume, kind of low impact and short workouts.
If I feel totally recovered on Friday, as I should, I will however up the ante a bit and join Friday’s and Sat’s CCF-wods. Two benchmarks that is totally out of my comfort zone should be the perfect finisher for a deload week!

Meant to do the Pipe Track to ”my” cave today, but woke up to a fully covered Table Mountain. Hopefully the overcast, that now has vanished, will stay away tomorrow so I’ll get another chance.

PS. Pretty cool that they now have announced some more details about The 2011 CrossFit Games Open Qualifyers and finally has given us all some dates to look forward to! As much as I might have my doubts about the format this year, there’s nothing more to do then to prepare as good as possible and make sure to get to those Regionals. I feel pretty confident that my programming plan from next week and on will get me in a very competitive state, so bring it on!






7 responses

26 01 2011

What do you mean?, rowing that is so much fun :)….

26 01 2011

Ouff vilket roddpass, den vilan måste ju ha känts som den bara flög förbi? Jag vet faktiskt inte om jag vågar att testa det passet, jag är nämligen rädd för C2an….

26 01 2011

Kompis då är vi två, alltså precis som jag beskrev för Jobst: ”anteckna tiden, räkna ut 90s vila, ta ett andetag, inse att du har 15s kvar av vilan, paniiiiik”…

26 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Yep bring it on! Have changed my programming again due to this. 6 weeks of maximum efforts, gosh 🙂

26 01 2011

Gonna be awsome, hopefully we will come up with a format to host it every week at the box which means 6 weeks of competition against others!!! 😀
PS. Fun part about it is that u cant neglect your training in between Sect-Wods either, I mean getting through is one thing but we still want to be bad ass competitive in Regionals too… 😉

26 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Yup but it is really hard to both keep up volume and compete. Gonna keep volume quite high I think but give myself totally three rest days a week and two before each event.

27 01 2011

Yeah, I do agree. I think (hope) that the competition to get to Regionals down here isn’t as grueling as back home so I will probably keep my 2 on/1activerest/3on/1 off as much as I can. For you, I would suggest that you keep in mind that this is still a build up phase. As much as you would like to focus on the Sectionalwods, don’t u think you could get 5 days in anyway with smart programming? Let’s say you aim to do Sectionals on a friday:
Mon: ”Heavy” lifting or/and OL
Tues: Same as above
Wed: Lighter and more metcon emphasis
Thurs: off
Fri: Sectional WOD
Sat: Light and metconish
Sun: off

Just as an example?


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