Challenge Time!

25 01 2011

He who waits patiently, can always do today’s work tomorrow.

– Just made that one up…

8.45 am – Lions Head, relaxed hike.

1.30 pm WOD

A. Paleo & Challenges #3, 5 rounds for Time:

  • 3 Backward Rolls
  • 3 Bar MU’s
  • 3 Forward Rolls
  • 20 Double Unders

Time: 5’02 min

B. 5 * 20 GHD’s, (120s rest):

Haven’t been up on my favourite mountain peak for a while, perfect setting with beautiful weather and a small group of friends this morning made it even better then I remembered. Crazy Roland had some weird idea that a 18 kg weight vest would be a nice thing to bring!? Needless to say he wasn’t excactly Speedy Gonzales on the way up, quite impressive that he actually made it all the way to the top however! Pics from the morning at the bottom.

Challenge, superfun! Not every workout have to be as heavy as possible and leave us dying on the floor. Suitably, I have a lighter week and thought of sharing that philosophy with the guys doing the challenges. I know Dave won’t like the rolls so that might be a bit mean. No worries, he can always get back at me next week.. 😉

Haven’t done GHD’s in a while so thought they would fit today. Surprised that I could keep quite a high tempo throughout, just need to do this all unbroken for a good ”100 GHD’s for time”, hehe.

After training I went to Superstar Masseuse, Meggie, who once again fixed my tight muscles really good. One more session with her this week will hopefully help with the effects I’m looking for with this deload. Tomorrow morning’s rowing with Jobst will probably not be easy to define as light in any way however…

Roland and his vest!

Erik on the very top.

On the way down.

He actually survived...





2 responses

25 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Hmm Bar MU’s. Definition of them? From straight hang to dip anyhow?

25 01 2011

Yup! My own standard being exactly that and a ”straight body” on top! Struggle ups are allowed in other words.. 😉


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