Sore & Strong!

21 01 2011

Don’t bother to just be better than your contemporaries or predecessors, try to be better than your self.

– William Faulkner.

Not the prettiest lift in the world, but got it up there at least!

10.30 am WOD

A. WU, from

  • 10 Forward Rolls
  • 10 Backward Rolls
  • 10 Forward Rolls Tuck Up To Handstand

B. Shoulder Press, 5-5-3-3-1-1-1:
43kg/5, 52/5, 61/3, 66/3, 75/1, 82.5/1 PB! (+2,5kg), 85/F!

C. Challenge #2! – 7 rounds of:
Goal: <14 min, Shame Level: 20 min, Dream: <11’30 (Jenny’s Time).

  • 3 Squat Cleans @ 70kg
  • 6/6 Pistols
  • 9 HSPU

Total Time: 13’39 min.

So, after way too little sleep and shoulders that felt smoked already during my warmups, I can’t be anything but super pleased with these results!
Gymnasticswod WU was fun and Dave, and the others of you following our challenges as well of course, just a hint: prepare to be rolling next week.. 😉

Haven’t done strict presses in more than 6 months and you can see that my setup isn’t perfect and that I’m wobbling around. Maybe should be doing more of this just to make sure my midline is in place?
Didn’t really beleive I could get the 85-lift since 82,5 was so heavy, and as always, then it’s a mission impossible to get it. Still, one step closer to that dream of pressing 100kg…

Dave’s Challenge! I’m actually quite surprised. Cleans got heavy quite fast, felt yesterdays Front Squats when standing up, pistols was not pretty at all and HSPU’s just smoked me in the end, but all in all I’m very satisfied with the way I kept it together. Think I got about every rep to count, but you can see in the video that my back gets very arched in the Handstands when I get tired and that’s another reason to start working on midline stability in over head mode!
Tomorrow it’s time for a beach-wod, and then it’s time for my deload week. I know I’m repeating my self but really looking forward to it!

PS. Sorry guys, Challenge video takes for ever to upload and I have a bunch of grassfed T-bones that needs to be put on the braai! I just have to post it when I get back tonite, shouldn’t be too late…





13 responses

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

And about agility. Well let’s see if I can do the WOD first hand. My cellar is limited. Pullups for instance = no go I cannot kip, ttb the same and so on.

That is why my program is very restricted to ahmmm burpees, hspu, ring dips, cleans, squats, and deadlifts right now…

22 01 2011

We just have to see, think it might be possible for ya though.. 😛

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

No yogi! I did not mean doing Fran after E but instead of it 🙂 The madness as said was doing two metcons in a row. However I think it is OK if you do not care about the second metcons time. You know what ? I did not plan i like that at allt, I was just mad about my E and wanted to hammer my body some more. Something like this was going on: ”Hmmm what about doing the paleo challenge #2, it has a lot of legs in it = check, and triceps+shoulders = check, lets do it!” Today however was just foolish.

22 01 2011

Haha, then I get it. Well I would say that the small differences in doing thrust/pu instead of beating the same excercise again (if it wasnt like cleans/ringdips was your biggest goats ever) would be smarter yes.

Figured thats excactly what went through your mind, and what can I say, u havent become as good as u are by not being stubborn… 😉

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

BYTW the 85 was so close, amazed that you missed it when getting that far.

21 01 2011

All in the head and tired shoulders.. 😦

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Still think you are showing great strength improvements overall. Great program I believe.

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Well they are not more taxing than other super wods we have been doing so the madness lies in doing two heavy wods in a row but that is exactly what I need. It was not really the time in the challenge that I was after but more to see how my body reacts. Admit today doing wod 2 was stupid since I got hammered by E.

However next week I will hunt down this wod without doing E before 🙂

I think I will invite MK to do this wod in a few weeks to see the overall performance in something we should be quite good at

But just a question: Would you have been equally surprised if I did Fran, SM WOD 3 or such ?

You just don’t understand the sickness in my head. I need to do a wod first to become angry about it and then redo it in some days and piss on it 🙂

Nope I will not do next weeks challenge since I heard that Rolls was going to be part of it. I mean heeeeeeeeeeello me + agility.

21 01 2011

OMG Mackie, so many things in this post I can pick on..
1. Definitely, I would have thougth u being out of your mind if your doing Fran after Elizabeth!
2. Plz do this with the MK, but if it is something u are suppose to be good at, does that mean u should do it? (Did get the benchmark kind of touch to get it in the programming though.)
3. ”I mean heeeeeeeeeeello me + agility.” Nuff´said, DO THE ROLLING WOD! 😀

U know Im only teasing u, but u have so much potential. Dont let pride stop that from shining trough… 😛

21 01 2011

Bra flow och bra tid, då kom jag sist, igen 🙂 Äsch hoppas på att göra bra ifrån mig nästa vecka!
Nice med pressen, men den var väl väntad? 85kg inte så långt ifrån, så fort man har passerat huvudet/pannan bruakr man vara safe.

21 01 2011

Hehe, läs citatet i inlägget, handlar inte om vem som är ”bättre”, bara om att spöa sig själv! 😛
Faktum är att 85 kändes mkt stabilare i setupen än 82.5, borde nog ta det nästa gång…

21 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Really nice! Now I have a decent time to hunt 🙂 Tried the challenge after Elizabeth again today but I had to give up after one round since I fell in the pistols, my triceps were swollen and my resting pulse was about 145 🙂

21 01 2011

Hehe, thought it would suit u to have a goal! 😉
Dude, why are u re-doing all the super taxing wods? There are a billion other tings you could put your focus on, just smash next weeks challenge instead! =)


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