Healthy Rowing

18 01 2011

As a society, we have become so sick, weak, and broken, we accept the abnormal as normal.

– Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution.

Finally got my hands on it!

10.30 am WOD
A. WU: Skin the Cat 3 by 3
B1. Bench Press, 5-5-3:

102kg/5, 111/5, 120/3
B2. Weighted Pull Ups, Pronated Grip:
18kg/5, 28/5, 36/3
C. Metcon – 7 RFT:
  • 5 PshU
  • 10 Walking Lunges
  • 250m Row

Time: 11´07 min.

Was planning to have today as 1RM-Deadlifts, but my QL on the right side is cramping a bit, so no need to stress it. Changed to Bench and W-PU instead, and here I cut it short cause my right shoulder is aiching, hmm. Well, as said, I am expecting to feel the effect of 5 heavy weeks so not really surprised that my body is telling me to back down a bit now. Will play it by ear, but pretty sure I will be able to get the maxlifts for Front Squats and Strict Presses in by the end of the week as planned and then next week is all about rehab and active resting.

Actually think that my challenge for CrossFitDave next week will be a lot of gymnastics and might turn out to be the friendliest so far, I hope you did saw his monster of a challenge?

For the metcon, this was once again Jobst wod, and once again when it comes to rowing in metcon, he kicked my butt pretty hard. He finished almost 90s ahead of me and after 3-4 rounds he was just pulling away by every rep. However, this really opened my eyes up, yet again, to how much I suck at having rowing in metcons. I am just unable to recover at all as soon as I step off the rower, today my quads was basicly cramping from the second round of Walking Lunges and I just tried to keep moving at any pace at all.
Really need to put a lot of this kind of work in my programming, but that is already in the pipeline. Boringly enough, it really is the weakest link that needs to be fixed and this is so much my goat…

Tomorrow is active rest day, making up for the missed hike to my cave last week and then a deep tissue sports massage should get me back into gear to give it my best to smash the Challenge, at least I hope so.





2 responses

19 01 2011
Marcus Herou

stärk bröstryggen, typ du såg min rodd på låda? Den tog på hela baksidan men kör den striktare.

skaffa två bandybollar och tejpa ihop dem, lägg dem i mitten av ryggen och gör ”situps” där du omfamnar dig. Gör ett gäng och flytta bollen sakta uppåt.

Kör tokkorrekta marklyft

Grunda tokkorrekta 1/4 frontböjar (jerk dip squat)

öka rörlighet i axlar

kör hollow rock, hollow är mantrat egentligen

jag är knappast där än men min bröstrygg har på tre månader drastiskt blivit bättre.

19 01 2011

Yogi…lite offtopic för den här posten, men behöver tips för min ostkroksrygg…läste i någon av dina tidigare posts att du hade haft samma problem….tips please 🙂


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