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18 01 2011

The art of getting things done lies in knowing what things need to remain undone.

Robin Sharma, Leadership Wisdom.

The Uncut full metcon!

6 pm-WoD – Cape CrossFit’s first 2011-Challenge, ”Graceful Cindy”:
(Goal: <7 min, Shame Level: >10 min, Dream level: <5 min).

  • 2-4-6-8-10 C&J’s @ 135lbs/61kg
  • 1 Round of Cindy in between each set
    5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

Time: 7’12 min.

Ouuuuchh, this was so much harder than I expected. Compared to the other version I did with Michael in December, this was actually thougher. Even though that one contains 10 rounds and 20lbs heavier C&J’s, guess it’s the way you can increase the power output here by just going as fast as you can, wich I did. Felt so strong for 3 rounds, then all of a sudden it felt like there was 100kg slamming down on me every time I cleaned the bar. Not heavy to get it up to the shoulders, not heavy to get it over head, just damn uncomfortable to have it on the shoulders. Anyway, sticked through it pretty good and I’m pretty ok with my time. Surely aiming for sub 6 when we re-do this however, should definately be strong enough to get at least the eight round unbroken by then.

These challenges are so much fun! The way all the members get together before the class, talking tactics and expectations, the way we push each other on during and the way we try to pick each other up after getting totally smashed by just giving it our all, is undescribable. Another reason to why I shoulda, woulda, coulda get more classes in my programming I guess.

Looking at the video, I can see that my hip is a bit low in my PshU’s. Definately not out of weakness, (they were the easiest part of the wod), think I’ve just got lazy with ROM in the basic excercises lately. Will probably get a chance to ”perfect” those PshU’s tomorrow when Jobst has a fun looking metcon in store for us…





7 responses

18 01 2011
Marcus Herou

So it is 4 rounds of Cindy? That means about 4mins (3:30 in hell of a tempo) Cindy leaving 1min to perform a Grace! I think you can adjust that Dream Level a bit 😉

Dont think that 7 is something to be ashamed of, sounds quite good to me. But I think Drew is way worse, the last 10 clean and jerks…

Hey have you tried Easy Freddy or Freddys Revenge yet? If not do it 🙂 Look at crossfitfalun, last saturday to get the feeling of Freddy

19 01 2011

Hehe, its actually 5 rounds of Cindy… And Im dreaming of keeping them in 30s a round.. 😉
No havent tried Freddies, whats that nowagain?

19 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Easy is: 40 Burpees & 25 C&J @ 82,5kg in any order you like.
Revenge: 5 RFT of 5 c&j @ 82,5 10 Burpees

nice eh 😉

19 01 2011

Ouff, those are def going into my prog! =)

19 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Ooops Easy is 20 c&j

Seems 5mins is about your goal setting.

18 01 2011

Kan inte se filmen,sony har blockerat den för mig 😦
Den där måste jag bara testa! Verkar vara ordentligt flåsig! Tror den blir värre för flåset och går snabbare om man börjar på 10 och går nedåt dock.
Den blir av nästa vecka iaf!

Vila nu och sub 15min på torsdag minst!

19 01 2011

Den var grym! Däremot tror jag knappast att 10-1 är tuffare, då kan man ju typ ”pacea” sig. Här är det balls to the wall och sen tar det stopp när det tar stopp… 😛
Fcking musikrättigheter…


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