13 01 2011

Visionary leaders care less about appearing right than doing right.

Robin Sharma, Leadership Wisdom.

No battery today, so here is another comic video for ya.. 😉

3pm WoD

A. Warm Up: ”Yogamans Ring serie”:
3 skin the cat first round, 2, 1.

B. From OPT – ”Gaucoin”, 6 sets @ 70kg for largest rest time:
Goal: 6 rounds, Dream: min 15s rest per round, Shame Level: 5 rounds

  • 2 Power Cleans
  • 2 Push Jerks
  • 2 Squat Cleans
  • 350m Row

Total rest, 5 rounds: 1 min 18 sec.
37s, 12, 3, DNF, 25, 1(!)

So, another WOD to put up on my ”Revenge List”..
First I was super stiff in my hammies, biceps and shoulders so I cut the work a little short on my planned 3 by 3 Ring Serie, that did however not affect my possibility to do the metcon from hell. Except from the regular soreness that is.
First round felt light and I kept the row around 1´45/500m and felt good, until I picked the bar up again. Still got through the second round but then it was just a struggle to even get under that bar in the Squat Cleans. It is a fun wod and maybe I should have started the 4th round and see how far I get and then sat out for the 5th(?), but I had already decided to do it this way. If I was not to get a round, I just sat it out. Luckily enough I managed to pull my shame level off, by one second after a sprint at the last rounds rowing!

Pretty smashed after, but some weird part of me actually is looking forward to re-do this in 3 weeks as I have planned it. Must be the same sick part of my brain that is thinking about going up at 6am tomorrow just do ”shadow” the Basic Course and then also do Lions Head, all that before I do my strength session of Front Squats cannot be a smart thing to do. Then again, Mikko did not claim that his 1000 burpees was smart either…





12 responses

14 01 2011

Bolo är kung! ”You break my record, now I break you like I break your friend!”

Gaucoin verkar vara ordentligt hemsk, måste testas! Verkligen helt horribelt med 6 ronder…

Du slapp tabataburpees iaf .)

14 01 2011

Kompis, ”ordentligt hemsk” är inte ens nära en rättvis beskrivning. Skärselden kombinerad med plötslig impotens när du lyckats dra hem Megan Fox är ungefär det närmaste jag kan tänka mig… 😛

Haha, tabataburpees score efter det där = 3?

14 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Nice trick with brick. Brick don’t hit back.

Gillade denna WOD faktiskt 😉 men ja den var otäck också fast på ett bra sätt

15 01 2011

Grym kommentar!
Tack, ska verkligen kolla igenom det här varje gång jag kör snatch nu, jag tvekar inte en sekund på att det du säger är sjukt nyttigt för mig. Det där med dött stopp är ju så logiskt att jag känner mig korkad…

15 01 2011

Önskar jag kommer till den punkt där jag kan säga att jag gillar den jag med… 😉

13 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Bolo is cool 😉

13 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Yeah perhaps too few but I want to be able to do them unbroken to get the same feeling. Hmm how long does 400m row take.. 1:10-1:20? I had 1:40 as my best time so I think that is about correct. So… Something that takes 1:00 to 1:20 to complete.

Hehe I got it. Sumo deadlift High pull burpee 😉 hold on to the bar in narrow pshp pos, jump into a sumo squat and pull the bar up. Do not let it go and set it down and jump out to pshp-pos again.
Burpee for pulse, DL for posteriour chain, pull for upper back.

Or even simpler (to reduce complexity). Clean Deadlift burpee. Probably taxes about the same leg stuff as a row at least.

Burpee for pulse and DL for fatigued posterior chain.

What do you think?

14 01 2011

They took me between 1´13 & 1´19 so spot on. I like the SDHPB, high pull as u say to mimic the long pull from the rower!
And since the ROM for the burpee is shorter, hopefully it doesnt tax the pressing muscles too much, perfect!

13 01 2011

”Gaucoin”, 6 sets @ 70kg for largest rest time:
Fattar inte vad du/ni menar.
Ska man vila så mycket som möjligt eller vadå?

14 01 2011

Hehe, ju snabbare du är desto mer vila får du eftersom varje ny runda startar var 2,5 min! Alltså är din score bättre om du ”vilar” mer! 😛

13 01 2011

Hehehe, not much but I do agree: its an awsome work capacity measurement!
Are u kidding me? 50 DUs = 25s, 15 burpees 30? Not even u row 350 that fast… 😉
I would say something like 20 lateral burpees, but then again it doesnt tax the same muscles.. Maybe Burpeeboxjumps is better and then maybe 15?

13 01 2011
Marcus Herou

Haha Gaucoin! You two seem to like eachother 🙂

Damn I am pissed that we do not have a rowing machine at the gym. Really want to do this one again since it is such a good work capacity measurement!

50 DU’s perhaps does the trick or 15 Burpees?
I feel 400m run(jog) is far from equal to 400m rowing…


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