Exhausted session…

11 01 2011

Sorry, but the easy days won’t define your life…

Please feel free to give advice. Not super happy with my technique. And of course, why not try the metcon your self?

3pm – WoD

A. ”WU”, 500m row (sub-1’29 week)**: 1’29.7 min

B1. Snatch High Pulls, 3 * 5:
52kg/5, 61/5, 70/5

B2. Snatch Balance, 3 * 5:
52kg/5, 61/5, 70/2+F

C. Metcon, 15-12-9 of

  • Wallballs, 20 lbs
  • Box Jumps, 60 cm
  • Thrusters, 43 kg
  • 60s rest

Total Time, (incl. rest): 7’33 min

Need to re-programme so I don’t do the rows in the beginning of the session. Now that they are basicly all out, it just smokes me for the entire WoD. Lost the sub 1’29 last 100m when all of a sudden I was pulling in mud. Actually think I’m gonna schedule my 500’s as buy-outs twice a week after the regular metcons, not so sure I will enjoy that more however..
Snatch Techniques was shaky, definitely gonna plan more Balances in there since, as said, I really trust Coach Burgener when he says they build the snatch.

Working on pre-exhaustioning my different muscle groups, (i.e. pushing ones today), in my metcon and damn, was that effective or what!? Thrusters was insanely though and I’m pretty satisfied to get them ”unbroken”, even though rest between excercises was a bit long.

Feeling pretty smashed in my pulling muscles from yesterday, obviusly wearing my recovery pants but seriously wonder if they can’t invent a recovery shirt as well..
Tomorrow is my active rest day, but I’m gonna combine my ”Sacred Hike” with a little bit of Tabata Trekk Running since I will have company this time. That you do have a special place that clears your mind, doesn’t mean you can’t share it with your friends. I think you should!






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